OSN 40th Anniversary Timeline

To mark OSN’s 40th anniversary in publishing, we decided to take a look back at some of the major news and innovations in ophthalmology over the past 40 years with the following interactive timeline. This is a living timeline, so we welcome reader submissions of any events you think we should cover that are not listed here. Please send any suggestions to osnanniversary@healio.com.


January 2022

Ocular Surgery News kicks off yearlong anniversary celebration

The team at Healio/Ocular Surgery News is delighted to announce our 40th year in publication and our 40th year of Richard L. Lindstrom, MD’s, collaboration on the editorial board.

November 2021

Private equity ensures strong succession peace of mind for some practices

In the last 10 years, private equity has grown to become a larger part of ophthalmology.

October 2021

FDA approves first eye drop to treat presbyopia

New therapy for wet AMD gains FDA approval

Tyrvaya nasal spray receives FDA approval for treatment of dry eye disease

September 2021

Ocular Surgery News staff writer Michela Cimberle wins APEX Award for News writing

July 2021

Ophthalmology groups urge reversal of Aetnas cataract surgery prior authorization policy

June 2021

FDA approves Dextenza for treatment of ocular inflammation

May 2021

FDA approves Tecnis Synergy Tecnis Synergy Toric II IOLs

March 2021

Deep learning algorithms prediction of RNFL thickness gauges risk for glaucoma conversion

An OCT-trained deep learning algorithm’s predictions of retinal nerve fiber layer thicknesses from fundus photographs effectively predicted future development of visual field defects in eyes of glaucoma suspects.

November 2020

Increasing myopia a growing public health concern

SLT as primary glaucoma treatment may offer reduced cost better efficacy than eye drops

Selective laser trabeculoplasty may be more effective and cheaper than eye drops when used as primary glaucoma management, Nathan Radcliffe, MD, said at the virtual OSN New York meeting.

June 2020

Healio enhances user experience with reengineered website

Healio has launched a new, fully reengineered version of its website, delivering personalized news and education in an enhanced user experience to specialty health care professionals, the company announced.

March 2020

Biodegradable Durysta approved to lower IOP

February 2020

IOL technology enters new age

As bifocal IOLs become less popular in the United States and practically nonexistent overseas, trifocal and extended depth of focus lenses are becoming the go-to technology for refractive cataract surgery, with new lenses in development that will allow surgeons to improve on already impressive refractive target goals.

November 2019

Light Adjustable Lens a disruptive technology in cataract surgery

Since its commercial rollout in July, the Light Adjustable Lens has been implanted in 18 sites across the country, offering surgeons simplified preoperative messaging and decision-making and delivering better vision for patients, according to a speaker.

August 2019

FDA approves Alcon's AcrySof IQ PanOptix trifocal IOL

July 2019

FDA accepts application for Bimatoprost Sustained-Release

Dextenza launches in US

April 2019

Bausch + Lomb launches Lotemax SM

March 2019

FDA approves Rocklatan for open-angle glaucoma, ocular hypertension

Raindrop near vision inlay recalled

Mix-and-match approach expands uses for minimally invasive glaucoma surgery

Combining minimally invasive glaucoma surgery procedures is a feasible, versatile alternative for lowering IOP and minimizing the side effects of a surgical approach to glaucoma, according to one specialist.

Caffeine may be ally in preventing or retarding cataract

September 2018

Despite Plaquenil dosing recommendations, retinal toxicity remains

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has published several dosing and screening recommendations for hydroxychloroquine to avoid potential retinal toxicity, yet some patients still experience permanent vision loss resulting from hydroxychloroquine retinopathy due to improper dosing of the drug and improper screening.

August 2018

Alcon calls for surgeons to stop implanting CyPass micro-stent

FDA approves Inveltys for treatment of inflammation, pain after ocular surgery

July 2018

Surgeons hold strong opinions for and against FLACS vs. manual cataract surgery

Since its FDA approval in 2010, femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery has been an option for surgeons, a new method in their armamentarium along with the traditional manual phaco technique.

June 2018

Bimatoprost sustained-release implant shows positive phase 3 data

April 2018

Lindstrom is appointed president of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery

February 2018

Study shows advantages of femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery

BELGRADE, Serbia — Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery with the Femto LDV Z8 laser from Ziemer offers the advantages of repeatable and precise outcomes, best placement of the capsulotomy and optimized surgical planning with the patient in one position from the beginning to end of surgery, according to one speaker.

January 2018

Opinions differ on private equity in ophthalmology

WAILEA, Hawaii — As part of a panel moderated by Candace S. Simerson, FASOA, COE, CMPE, Richard L. Lindstrom, MD, and Kevin Corcoran, COE, CPC, CPMA, FNAO, presented evidence as to whether private equity is a proper fit for ophthalmology.

The dos and don'ts of DMEK

Surgeons share helpful tips for making the transition to Descemet's membrane endothelial keratoplasty.

December 2017

FDA approves Aerie's Rhopressa for glaucoma

November 2017

FDA gives nod to Bausch + Lomb’s once-daily glaucoma drops

Consider patient perception of pain when planning cataract procedures

Cataract surgery is thought to be painless for most patients, but for the few who report discomfort during surgery, ophthalmologists can take precautions to limit pain.

August 2017

Should I choose distance vision in both eyes, monovision, EDOFs or multifocals?

Jack T. Holladay, MD, MSEE, FACS, discusses how to help the cataract surgery patient choose the best IOL.

July 2017

Overcoming the PRK mindset: Incorporating LASIK, SMILE into the military

The reason for undergoing refractive surgery as a member of the U.S. military is not necessarily a medical one.

March 2017

FDA approves VisuMax software update for ReLEx SMILE

December 2016

OSN New York celebrates its 25th anniversary

Dry eye disease is an area that 10 years ago was largely ignored. Now it is one of the most explosive areas in ophthalmology, according to Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD.

Advances in optical coherence tomography expand clinical applications

September 2016

Johnson and Johnson to acquire Abbott Medical Optics for $4.325 billion

FDA approves VisuMax femtosecond laser to treat myopia

July 2016

FDA approves lifitegrast for dry eye disease

April 2016

FDA approves Avedro’s cross-linking system for progressive keratoconus

February 2016

DRCR.net Protocol T: At 2 years, Eylea, Avastin, Lucentis all reduce need for injections, improve visual acuity

April 2015

FDA approves Kamra inlay implant for presbyopia

January 2015

Excessive blinking may indicate ocular surface disease in children

Allergic eye disease and evaporative dry eye disease are the two main causes of pediatric ocular surface problems.

Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery represents new frontier

Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery, or FLACS, represents a new frontier in cataract surgery. This technology is relatively new, and therefore “teething problems” are inevitable. Since its introduction in 2008, a lot of enhancements have been achieved.

September 2014

FDA approves Iluvien for treatment of DME

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Iluvien for the treatment of diabetic macular edema in patients previously treated with corticosteroids who did not have a significant increase in IOP, Alimera Sciences announced in a press release.

June 2014

FDA approves Omidria for intraocular lens replacement surgery

April 2014

Overwhelming changes to ICD codes pending, implementation deadline delayed

Implementation of ICD-10 will be a significant and daunting change for ophthalmology, according to several experts in the field.

February 2014

FDA approves ReSure sealant for preventing fluid leaks after cataract surgery

January 2014

OSN lauds Richard L. Lindstrom for steadfast leadership for more than 20 years

November 2013

AAO debuts the IRIS Registry

April 2013

FDA approves Prolensa for pain, inflammation after cataract surgery

November 2012

Several complications can result from pterygium surgery

June 2012

FDA approves Glaukos iStent to reduce IOP in conjunction with cataract surgery

April 2012

FDA clears femtosecond laser for arcuate incisions in cataract surgery

Ocular Surgery News goes online with the launch of Healio.com

February 2011

Trabeculectomy, tube shunts remain relevant, despite growth of less invasive techniques

October 2010

Cataract surgery can be more challenging after vitrectomy

Femtosecond laser enhances capsulotomy centration, shape

May 2010

Steroids enable aggressive treatment of ocular inflammatory disease

April 2010

Cataract surgery in diabetic patients poses more challenges

January 2010

Uveitis a complex disease, but treatable in most cases

July 2009

FDA approves Crystalens HD in quarter diopter steps

March 2009

FDA accepts for review Sirion's supplemental new drug application for Durezol

July 2007

Selective laser trabeculoplasty lowers medication use in glaucoma cases

June 2007

Angle-supported phakic IOLs withdrawn from the French market

May 2007

AMO seals IntraLase purchase, aims to boost patients' confidence

April 2007

OSN celebrates its 25 year anniversary and expands circulation to China, Europe and India

December 2006

PEDIG multicenter trials are changing how pediatric ophthalmologists practice

FDA, NEI launch clinical trial fellowship

Canaloplasty shows promise as glaucoma therapy

Anti-VEGF therapies dominate retina presentations at AAO

November 2006

Prostaglandins play key role in glaucoma therapy

NEI grant funds transscleral drugdelivery device research

CAPT study: Laser treatments not effective in slowing onset of AMD

Various anti-VEGF options fuel debate over AMD treatment

AREDS 2 to investigate benefits of nutritional supplements

September 2006

AAO, American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus and American Academy of Pediatrics release updated ROP screening guidelines, recommending infants born between 28 and 32 weeks gestation undergo initial screening at 4 weeks following birth

August 2006

Phakic IOLs give new options to high myopes

July 2006

Lucentis approved for use in U.S.

Intracameral cefuroxime reduced the incidence of endophthalmitis after cataract surgery in a large European study

100 centers affected by TASS

ASCs affected by CMS ruling

June 2006

The AcrySof IQ joins the lenses that have received NTIOL designation

New options enter femtosecond laser market

Better glaucoma drugs have led to decrease in combined procedures

LADAR6000 granted FDA approval

Contact lens solution recalled due to link to Fusarium keratitis

May 2006

AMD therapies rapidly advance retina discipline

AAO supports Medicare coverage for off-label intravitreal use of Avastin

Virtual eye simulators make practice surgery feel realistic, but more sophisticated software is needed

CDC seeks cause of fungal infections

April 2006

A new screening device promotes the early detection of AMD

Pro and con: The use of intravitreal Avastin for AMD

A unique combination of material and design enhances plasticity and stability for small-incision lens

March 2006

Chandelier illumination and bimanual vitrectomy are used to remove dislocated IOLs

Temporary haptic externalization helps control IOL repositioning procedure

Researchers analyze femtosecond laser bubble tissue morphology

Francis W. Price Jr., MD, demonstrates that visual recovery is accelerated when Descemet’s stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty is used

February 2006

Self-antigen immunization may help slow glaucoma progression, research shows

Phase 3 data from ANCHOR trial favor Lucentis

January 2006

The Viscian ICL, an implantable, foldable collamer lens for the correction of myopia, has been granted regulatory approval

Stent suture improves flow control with Baerveldt implant

Cryopreserved amniotic membrane transplants have many applications

December 2005

Cultivated epithelial cell sheets open new doors for corneal treatments

Multifocal VEP offers possibility for fast, objective testing of visual fields

Bitoric contacts relieve PCMD

A virtual-reality surgery simulator aids vitreoretinal and cataract surgery training

November 2005

Systemic AMD treatment shows promise; prospective studies needed, expert says

New glaucoma risk assessment tool helps identify patients in need of treatment

Torsional ultrasound technology allows coaxial phaco through 2.2-mm incision

FDA approves anterior segment OCT

October 2005

Prismatic IOL: An implant for patients with AMD redirects light toward a peripheral healthy area of the retina

Laser flap bubbles serve as interface for pachymetry

A case study suggests that piggyback IOLs can eliminate photic phenomena caused by exposed optic edges

September 2005

Prodrug NSAID approved

‘Atwal’s balanced approach’ combines a microtrabeculectomy with a transciliary filtration approach

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rules that a patient can pay out of pocket to upgrade to a presbyopia-correction IOL instead of a conventional len

Early multifocal ablation results positive

August 2005

Visian ICL receives 'approvable' letter

Presbyopia correction will dramatically redefine refractive cataract surgery

Exact refraction labeling of IOLs fills niche

A sutureless large-incision manual cataract procedure is proving to be a low-cost, reliable alternative to phaco

A posterior iris IOL fixation technique offers advantages in some cases

July 2005

Pseudoaccomodative aspheric lenses are creating new standards in IOL technology

Presbyopia correction to set a new standard

A pre-occlusive technique increases the safety over standard phaco

Tinted contact lenses serve to give athletes a competitive edge

The latest software for the Nidek NAVEX platform combines earlier programs for best results

Light-touch CK: The 1-mm compression technique is still in early stages of use but has proven to cause less induced cylinder than conventional CK

June 2005

Wavefront has breathed new life into refractive surgery

Lucentis phase 3 trial data released; FDA issues ‘approvable’ letter for Retaane

Lasers change the goal of surgery, experts say

Private pay allowed for presbyopia-correcting IOLs

A phaco tip with a smaller sleeve may allow coaxial surgery through a small incision

May 2005

Puliafito: Next-generation, ‘spectral-domain’ OCT will enhance ocular imaging, diagnosis

Study: Seventy percent of patients implanted with Intacs for keratoconus had improved vision

April 2005

Recent developments in toric contact lenses, including new materials and range extensions, increase the number of patients who can be helped by toric contacts

FDA approves ReStor, ReZoom lenses, Xibrom

A new computerized system provides detailed assessment of near visual performance in patients with or without intraocular implants

March 2005

Prechopper effective for up to grade 3 nuclei, surgeon says

Corneal implants' changes prove effective in trials

February 2005

The Alcon AcrySof ReStor IOL demonstrates ‘excellent’ near visual acuity without compromising distance vision in European clinical study

Macugen expected to reach the market in the first quarter of this year

Bleb needling an option before repeat trabeculectomy

January 2005

PEDIG: Weekend atropine as effective as daily use

Epi-LASIK returning attention to surface ablation

Studies: SnET2 slowed progression of CNV

December 2004

FDA approves Macugen (pegaptanib sodium, Eyetech/Pfizer) as the first anti-VEGF therapy for macular disease

December 2003

The AlphaCor artificial cornea can be an alternative for patients who might fare poorly with a human corneal graft

Multicenter, clinical trail shows significant advantages for early, aggressive treatment of high-risk, pre-threshold ROP

November 2003

Range of Botox indications expands from medical to cosmetic uses

FDA grants marketing approval to two refractive excimer laser systems

October 2003

Surgical options expand for capsular tension rings

September 2003

RestorVision Reading Implant has begun use in clinical practice for presbyopia

August 2003

The Ultima IOL from Corneal is designed to be used in cases without sufficient capsular support, according to the surgeon who designed the lens

The Moria CB Single Use disposable microkeratome offers LASIK surgeons the similar results as its multi-use counterpart but may be easier to use, according to one surgeon

AMO’s Sensar acrylic IOL with OptiEdge technology may be an option for reducing problematic edge glare and minimizing epithelial cell migration, according to one surgeon

The Artisan Toric IOL provided improved contrast sensitivity from preoperative levels, according to one study

Disposable Cruise Control helpful in bimanual phaco

July 2003

The ThinOptX rollable IOL is demonstrating good visual acuity results and stability with 1 year of follow-up, an investigator reports

The Ex-Press mini-shunt may offer a less invasive, reversible alternative to trabeculectomy, surgeons experienced with the device say

An air filtering device that removes the surgical smoke plume resulting from LASIK may reduce the risk of respiratory problems, a surgeon says

The Endoscopic CycloPhotocoagulation laser provides an alternative to the current surgical treatments for glaucoma

Study: Two-hour patch as effective as 6 for amblyopia

June 2003

New concepts shape future of refractive surgical lasers

Accurus infusion system eases MICS, surgeon

Accomodative IOL gets FDA panel nod

A new imaging device combines elements of perimetry and fundus imaging to create fast, customized retinal examinations

May 2003

Visx gets U.S. wavefront approval, defeats Icahn board nominee

A foldable IOL may offer an alternative to rigid implants for scleral fixation in the event of posterior capsule rupture

April 2003

New application for amniotic membrane shows promise

Sleeveless bimanual phaco assessed in trial

LASEK Trephine: A suction trephine for laser epithelial keratomileusis makes the procedure safer, according to its designer

March 2003

Gatifloxacin receives FDA approval

Genetic research advances; clinical applications to come

February 2003

Surgical venous decompression in combination with TPA improves visual acuity in branch retinal vein occlusion, one surgeon says

Lamellar graft shows promise in keratoglobus

January 2003

Xalatan approved as first-line treatment

In clinical trials, the Lumenis Allegretto Wave laser is performing better than most excimer lasers in the average eye, an investigator says

December 2002

Restasis granted FDA approval

November 2002

Lindstrom is awarded the International Society of Refractive Surgery’s lifetime achievement award for the second time

September 2002

FDA panel recommends Alcon's CustomCornea with conditions

August 2002

Custom LASIK with wavefront technology receives FDA approval

July 2002

OHTS: topical drugs can delay POAG

April 2002

OIG calls for more extensive evaluation of ASCs

Atropine as effective as patch for moderate amblyopia, study shows

February 2002

Allergan spins off medical device business

January 2002

FDA panel: CK approvable with conditions

December 2001

Temporary turndown in LASIK volume is no reason to panic

November 2001

Nestlé considers IPO for Alcon

LASEK an alternative to PRK and LASIK

August 2001

ASCRS news: hinge site may affect dry eye

November 2000

LADARVision system receives FDA approval for hyperopia

October 2000

Ocular Surgery News launches Japan Edition

July 2000

LASEK technique promising after 1 year of experience

June 2000

IOLs designated as ‘new technology’

Surgeon: Toric Artisan IOL effective against astigmatism

April 2000

Visx, Summit, LaserSight cut procedures fees; Visx shares drop 24%, shareholders’ suits filed

B&L receives FDA approval for Technolas

March 2000

FDA calls Visudyne approvable

December 1999

LASIK-dry eye link gets attention at AAO

November 1999

Astigmatism may be safely and effectively corrected with toric IOLs

October 1999

Excimer laser receives FDA approval for LASIK

August 1999

FDA panel: no to Restasis, LTK; qualified yes to LASIK

June 1999

Manhattan Eye and Ear to close doors

March 1999

Gerritt Melles, MD, PhD, becomes the first to take a posterior disc of a patient’s cornea through a scleral pocket incision

January 1999

Array bioptics may expand refractive surgery for presbyopes

As Y2K gets closer, road to laser vision correction gets less bumpy, some say

December 1998

Visx laser systems approved for hyperopia

November 1998

Summit to buy Autonomous

Selective laser trabeculoplasty is introduced to the market by Lumenis

October 1998

Ocular Surgery News launches Latin America Edition

April 1998

FTC seeks to dissolve Pillar Point partners

ASCRS to address 'shifting sands' phenomenon

February 1998

CO2 procedures provide more treatment options for the ophthalmic plastic surgeon

October 1997

B&L buys Chiron, Storz

August 1997

LASIK study shows reduced, shortened wound healing response over PRK

FDA panel recommends Array, MemoryLens for approval

February 1997

FDA panel recommends Visx excimer for astigmatism

January 1997

New combination drug aims for improved glaucoma compliance

October 1996

Physicians can profit by selling to practice management companies

September 1996

Accommodating IOL? Impossible, recent study seems to say

July 1996

Latanoprost approved as alternative glaucoma therapy

May 1996

Lindstrom is appointed Chief Medical Editor of OSN

April 1996

Federal agencies share dual oversight of advertising for PRK

March 1996

OCT is introduced to the commercial market

February 1996

Lasers and endoscopes mold the future of plastics

LASIK is rising in refractive arena

November 1995

FDA approves Summit's excimer for PRK

NEI recommends change in endophthalmitis treatment

May 1995

Yellow laser found most effective in AMD

CMV retinitis treatment options improve

April 1995

Excimer laser for phototherapeutic keratectomy receives FDA approval

March 1995

Trusopt gets go-ahead for high IOP

Lindstrom is awarded the International Society of Refractive Surgery’s lifetime achievement award

AcrySof IOL is approved in the United States

December 1994

PRK nears FDA approval

PERK 10-year coverage mostly positive

September 1994

Long-term shift toward hyperopia found in RK eyes

August 1994

Surgeon: ALK is effective post-RK hyperopia

Foldable acrylic IOL awaits FDA approval

July 1994

High-vacuum phaco causes less trauma, says surgeon

June 1994

New-generation phaco units expand options, capabilities

September 1993

Chiron ACS microkeratome system unveiled

July 1993

RK procedures are on the rise

June 1993

Phakic IOL study results are promising

Alpha-agonists useful against glaucoma

May 1993

Topical anesthesia awakens

March 1993

PRK looks good; time will tell

December 1992

Survey reports plateau in phaco use

Study compares myopia procedures; patients prefer knife over laser

October 1992

First Annual Ocular Surgery News New York Symposium on Small-Incision Surgery

Study shows tetracycline and lid scrubbing were effective in treating blepharitis

August 1992

Corneal topography finds PRK anomalies

June 1992

Spectrum of small-incision surgery is focus of new Ocular Surgery News symposium

May 1992

Casebeer: It is not ‘reoperation,’ it is enhancement

January 1992

Quinolones: new class of drugs expands treatment of ocular infections

December 1991

Polymeric by-products in the raw silicone material cause of silicone IOL discoloration

October 1991

Ophthalmology wins IOL lawsuit; HCFA cannot stop investigational IOL payment

August 1991

ASCRS challenges HCFA rule ending payment for investigational IOL procedures

June 1991

Summit receives approval for holmium hyperopia trial

March 1991

Well-informed patients now have every right to expect ALT as initial therapy

January 1991

Small-incision lenses, optical dispensing draw attention at 1990 AAO meeting

November 1990

First rolled MemoryLens implanted in the United States by Johnson

PERK shows hyperopic shift at 5 years

July 1990

Taunton and Visx agree to merge: plan should be completed soon

June 1990

Do antioxidant vitamins and oral zinc work against retinal pathologies?

March 1990

One-step ECCE/pars plana vitrectomy outlined

January 1990

Ocular Surgery News Europe/Asia-Pacific launched

Kelman: Magnetically controlled device liquefies cataract after injection into capsule

December 1989

FDA approves first non-PMMA IOL

October 1989

Government may limit reimbursement of IOLs to $200

April 1989

FDA grants Summit excimer ablation IDEs

March 1989

FDA approves laser for cyclophotocoagulation

February 1989

Botulinum found to be of 'limited use' for most strabismus types

January 1989

Patent challenge may signal battle for control of excimer applications

December 1988

Marguerite B. McDonald, MD, performs the first laser vision correction procedure on a normal-sighted person

November 1988

Excimer laser corrects vision; U.S. trial begins

October 1988

Cataract surgery is a prime time to correct pre-existing astigmatism

February 1988

Aplonidine joins the glaucoma armamentarium

Cataract surgery cuts: ‘it could have been worse’

December 1987

Ridley recalls ‘thrill’ of widespread rebuke of first IOL procedure

November 1987

Reagan approves automatic cuts, prepares for showdown in budget

September 1987

Stark: Physicians, ‘hell of a lot safer’ with PPRC, should live with cuts

July 1987

Lindstrom: the future of hydrogel intraocular lenses looks bright, but don’t hurry to switch

June 1987

Surgeons favor larger optics, smaller wounds

February 1987

Dual-laser treatment described for lens-induced closed-angle glaucoma

January 1987

Easing up on 5-FU’s injection schedule still provides good results

December 1986

Jaffe: A variety of glare-testing systems now available, so use one

September 1986

Second national RK trial brewing

August 1986

Word of caution issued about phaco/foldable IOL procedure

June 1986

Reagan signs deficit-reduction package with Medicare reforms; calls for 100% PRO review of cataract

April 1986

Time to consider IOLs for refractive surgery: Hischman

February 1986

Firm stops malpractice coverage for physicians who perform RK

November 1985

AIDS findings spur concern, exam guidelines

August 1985

Pepper's fraud-and-abuse hearings in House target ophthalmology

Suit against PERK ophthalmologist settled

July 1985

Gimbel describes continuous tear capsulotomy

April 1985

Control restored by 5-FU in some types of glaucoma: pilot study

March 1985

Planned extracap leads nationwide trend

July 1984

Excimer, 532-nm laser show great ocular surgical potential

20/40 vision one day postop? Terry describes current method

June 1984

New evidence may support in-the-bag PCLs

March 1984

32-incision RK technique discussed

January 1984

FDA device panel recommends YAGs for PMA

December 1983

Many IOL restrictions now seen as obsolete

September 1983

Soft hydrogel IOL shows good results in laboratory

July 1983

New silicone lens allows insertion through a 3-mm wound

April 1983

Conservative analysis of RK results urged

February 1983

Aron-Rosa reports 6,600 YAG-laser cases

January 1983

Congressional attention drawn by 19% health care inflation

January 1981

Ocular Surgery News is launched