April 15, 2016
6 min read

OSN Premier Surgeon 300 Innovators in Refractive Cataract Surgery

On behalf of SLACK Incorporated, publisher of Ocular Surgery News, we would like to congratulate members of OSN's Premier Surgeon 300.

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What is the Premier Surgeon 300? Simply stated, the Premier Surgeon 300 is a list of premium refractive cataract surgeons the editors and publisher have identified as leading innovators in the field of refractive cataract surgery. These surgeons work to educate their colleagues, innovate by developing novel technologies and techniques to advance the premium practice or perform a high volume of premium refractive cataract surgery.

The editors and publisher used no magic formula or algorithm to develop the Premier Surgeon 300 list. Rather, we went with our collected knowledge and experience with these individuals. Admittedly, we know we missed other Premier Surgeons, but overall, we believe it is a good list. We plan to use this list as a way to encourage discussion. Do you want to join the discussion? If so, please reach out to us and share your ideas. Feel free to point out if you believe you or a colleague belongs on the list.

We intend the Premier Surgeon 300 to be a tool for kick-starting conversations and evolving the field of premium refractive cataract surgery. In future issues, we will share with you results of the surveys we conduct, video perspectives we gather and Round Table discussions we conduct with Premier Surgeon 300 members.

We look forward to your feedback. Contact us at ophthalmology@healio.com.

Alan B. Aker, MD | Boca Raton, Florida

Eduardo C. Alfonso, MD | Miami, Florida

Quentin Allen, MD | Stuart, Florida

Robert J. Arleo, MD | Ithaca, New York

Penny A. Asbell, MD, MBA | New York, New York

Kerry K. Assil, MD | Beverly Hills, California

Richard M. Awdeh, MD | Miami, Florida

Brandon Ayers, MD | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dimitri T. Azar, MD | Boston, Massachusetts

Richard F. Beatty, MD | Naples, Florida

Kenneth A. Beckman, MD | Westerville, Ohio

Paul J. Befanis, MD | Melbourne, Florida

John Bello, MD | Chicago, Illinois

John P. Berdahl, MD | Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Perry S. Binder, MD | San Diego, California

Bradley C. Black, MD | Jeffersonville, Indiana

Thomas S. Boland, MD | Scranton, Pennsylvania

Brian S. Boxer Wachler, MD | Beverly Hills, California

Jeffrey R. Brant, MD | Cartersville, Georgia

Michael B. Brenner, MD | Long Beach, California

Stephen F. Brint, MD | Metairie, Louisiana

Jason P. Brinton, MD | Orlando, Florida

Alan W. Brown, MD | Wilmington, North Carolina

David C. Brown, MD | Fort Myers, Florida

Reay H. Brown, MD | Atlanta, Georgia

Frank A. Bucci Jr., MD | Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Carlos Buznego, MD | Miami, Florida

Stephen S. Bylsma, MD | Santa Maria, California

Harvey Carter, MD | Dallas, Texas

D. Alan Chandler, MD | Richmond, Virginia

Daniel H. Chang, MD | Bakersfield, California

David F. Chang, MD | Los Altos, California

Arturo Chayet, MD | Tijuana, Mexico

Jonathan Christenbury, MD | Charlotte, North Carolina

Y. Ralph Chu, MD | Bloomington, Minnesota

Robert J. Cionni, MD | Salt Lake City, Utah

Tom M. Coffman, MD | Lake Worth, Florida

G. Richard Cohen, MD | Boca Raton, Florida

Michael Colvard, MD | Encino, California

Garry P. Condon, MD | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Alan S. Crandall, MD | Salt Lake City, Utah

William W. Culbertson, MD | Miami, Florida

Robert C. Cykiert, MD | New York, New York

Peter D’Arienzo, MD | Manhasset, New York

Jonathan M. Davidorf, MD | West Hills, California

James A. Davies, MD | Carlsbad, California

Elizabeth A. Davis, MD | Bloomington, Minnesota

James A. Davison, MD | Marshalltown, Iowa

Steven J. Dell, MD | Austin, Texas

John DeStafeno, MD | West Chester, Pennsylvania

Uday Devgan, MD | Los Angeles, California

Terence M. Devine, MD | Sayre, Pennsylvania

Steven H. Dewey, MD | Colorado Springs, Colorado

Deepinder K. Dhaliwal, MD | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

David Dillman, MD | Danville, Illinois

Jon G. Dishler, MD | Englewood, Colorado

John Doane, MD | Independence, Missouri

Kendall E. Donaldson, MD | Miami, Florida

Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD | Rockville Center, New York

Paul J. Dougherty, MD | Los Angeles, California


Richard J. Duffey, MD | Mobile, Alabama

John J. Dugan, MD | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Daniel S. Durrie, MD | Overland Park, Kansas

Michael Ehrenhaus, MD | Bayside (Queens), New York

Richard Eisner, MD | Macon, Georgia

Brad Elkins, MD | Encino, California

Alice Epitropoulos, MD | Columbus, Ohio

Paul H. Ernest, MD | Jackson, Michigan

Marjan Farid, MD | Irvine, California

Alan R. Faulkner, MD | Honolulu, Hawaii

Greg Feinerman, MD | Newport Beach, California

Sandy Feldman, MD | San Diego, California

Lance S. Ferguson, MD | Lexington, Kentucky

Luis Fernández de Castro, MD | Charleston, South Carolina

Lisa K. Feulner, MD | Bel Air, Maryland

Richard A. Fichman, MD | Manchester, Connecticut

Robert H. Fier, MD | Stuart, Florida

William J. Fishkind, MD | Tucson, Arizona

Martin L. Fox, MD | New York, New York

Nicole R. Fram, MD | Los Angeles, California

Jonathan Frantz, MD | Fort Myers, Florida

Ronald A. Friedman, MD | Monterey, California

Luther Fry, MD | Garden City, Kansas

Michael T. Furlong, MD | San Jose, California

Sumit “Sam” Garg, MD | Irvine, California

Johnny L. Gayton, MD | Warner Robins, Georgia

Howard V. Gimbel, MD | Calgary, Canada

Joseph P. Gira, MD | St. Louis, Missouri

Damien F. Goldberg, MD | Torrance, California

Daniel B. Goldberg, MD | Little Silver, New Jersey

David A. Goldman, MD | Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Raj K. Goyal, MD | Chicago, Illinois

Harry B. Grabow, MD | Sarasota, Florida

Douglas K. Grayson, MD | New York, New York

Arun C. Gulani, MD, MS | Jacksonville, Florida

Preeya K. Gupta, MD | Durham, North Carolina

John C. Hagan, MD | Kansas City, Missouri

D. Rex Hamilton, MD, MS | Los Angeles, California

Sadeer B. Hannush, MD | Langhorne, Pennsylvania

David R. Hardten, MD | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kathryn M. Hatch, MD | Waltham, Massachusetts

Alexander Hatsis, MD | Rockville Center, New York

James C. Hays, MD | Atlanta, Georgia

Bonnie A. Henderson, MD | Waltham, Massachusetts

Peter S. Hersh, MD | Teaneck, New Jersey

Warren E. Hill, MD | Mesa, Arizona

Kenneth J. Hoffer, MD | Santa Monica, California

Richard S. Hoffman, MD | Eugene, Oregon

Jack T. Holladay, MD, MSEE | Bellaire, Texas

Edward J. Holland, MD | Cincinatti, Ohio

Phillip C. Hoopes Sr., MD | Salt Lake City, Utah

Jeffrey D. Horn, MD | Nashville, Tennessee

John A. Hovanesian, MD | Laguna Hills, California

John D. Hunkeler, MD | Overland Park, Kansas

Rafi Israel, MD | Beverly Hills, California

Mitchell A. Jackson, MD | Lake Villa, Illinois

Thomas John, MD | Tinley Park, Illinois

Robert M. Johnston, MD | Leesburg, Virginia

A. John Kanellopoulos, MD | New York, New York

Douglas A. Katsev, MD | Santa Barbara, California

James A. Katz, MD | Des Plaines, Illinois

Robert M. Kershner, MD | Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Sumitra S. Khandelwal, MD | Houston, Texas

Terry Kim, MD | Durham, North Carolina

Douglas D. Koch, MD | Houston, Texas

Paul Koch, MD | Warwick, Rhode Island

Mark A. Kontos, MD | Spokane Valley, Washington

Coleman R. Kraff, MD | Chicago, Illinois

Ronald R. Krueger, MD | Cleveland, Ohio

William J. Lahners, MD | Sarasota, Florida

Stephen S. Lane, MD | Stillwater, Minnesota

Earl E. Lanter, MD | Indianapolis, Indiana

Bruce C. Larson, MD | Hinsdale, Illinois

Bryan S. Lee, MD, JD | Los Altos, California

W. Barry Lee, MD | Atlanta, Georgia

Robert P. Lehmann, MD | Nacogdoches, Texas

Mark P. Lesher, MD | Albuquerque, New Mexico

James S. Lewis, MD | Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

Stephen Lichtenstein, MD | Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD | Bloomington, Minnesota

Jay Lippman, MD | New Rochelle, New York

James Loden, MD | Nashville, Tennessee

Dwayne Logan, MD | Long Beach, California

Jennifer Loh, MD | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Jodi I. Luchs, MD | Wantagh, New York

Brian Lueth, MD | Everett, Washington

James E. Lusk, MD | Shreveport, Louisiana

Richard J. Mackool, MD | Astoria, New York

Scott M. MacRae, MD | Rochester, New York

Francis S. Mah, MD | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Parag A. Majmudar, MD | Chicago, Illinois

Ranjan P. Malhotra, MD | St. Louis, Missouri

Robert K. Maloney, MD | Los Angeles, California


Nick Mamalis, MD | Salt Lake City, Utah

Edward E. Manche, MD | Palo Alto, California

Mark J. Mannis, MD | Sacramento, California

Neil Martin, MD | Chevy Chase, Maryland

William G. Martin, MD | Oregon, Ohio

Samuel Masket, MD | Century City, California

Cynthia Matossian, MD | Hopewell, New Jersey

Cynthia Mattox, MD | Boston, Massachusetts

Andrew Maxwell, MD, PhD | Fresno, California

Cathleen M. McCabe, MD | Bradenton, Florida

James P. McCulley, MD | Dallas, Texas

Marguerite McDonald, MD | Lynbrook, New York

Peter J. McDonnell, MD | Baltimore, Maryland

Samir Melki, MD, PhD | Brookline, Massachusetts

Marc Michelson, MD | Birmingham, Alabama

Kevin M. Miller, MD | Los Angeles, California

Mark Milner, MD | Hamden, Connecticut

Satish Modi, MD | Poughkeepsie, New York

Donald R. Nixon, MD, FRCS | Orillia, Canada

Richard A. Norden, MD | Ridgewood, New Jersey

Terrence P. O’Brien, MD | Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Randall J. Olson, MD | Salt Lake City, Utah

Robert H. Osher, MD | Cincinnati, Ohio

Mark Packer, MD | Eugene, Oregon

Gregory Pamel, MD | New York, New York

Rahul T. Pandit, MD | Houston, Texas

Jai G. Parekh, MD | Woodland Park, New Jersey

Stephen Pascucci, MD | Bonita Springs, Florida

Larry E. Patterson, MD | Crossville, Tennessee

Jay S. Pepose, MD, PhD | St. Louis, Missouri

Scott Perkins, MD | Phoenix, Arizona

Henry D. Perry, MD | Rockville Center, New York

Paul M. Petelin, MD | Scottsdale, Arizona

N. Timothy Peters, MD | Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Asim R. Piracha, MD | Jeffersonville, Indiana

Jed T. Poll, MD | Bountiful, Utah

Francis W. Price Jr., MD | Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis E. Probst, MD | Westchester, Illinois

Rajesh K. Rajpal, MD | McLean, Virginia

J. Bradley Randleman, MD | Atlanta, Georgia

Sanjay N. Rao, MD | Chicago, Illinois

Tal Raviv, MD | New York New York

Sherman W. Reeves, MD | Minnetonka, Minnesota

Karolinne M. Rocha, MD | Charleston, South Carolina

Steven I. Rosenfeld, MD | Delray Beach, Florida

Kenneth J. Rosenthal, MD | Great Neck, New York

Sheri L. Rowen, MD | Towson, Maryland

Jonathan Rubenstein, MD | Chicago, Illinois

Roy S. Rubinfeld, MD | Chevy Chase, Maryland

James Rynerson, MD | Bowling Green, Kentucky

Steven G. Safran, MD | Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Thomas W. Samuelson, MD | Minneapolis, Minnesota

F. Mona Sarfarazi, MD | Encinitas, California

Steven C. Schallhorn, MD | San Diego, California

David J. Schanzlin, MD | La Jolla, California

Oliver D. Schein, MD | Baltimore, Maryland

David M. Schneider, MD | Cincinnati, Ohio

Timothy L. Schneider, MD | Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Stephen V. Scoper, MD | Virginia Beach, Virginia

Maria C. Scott, MD | Annapolis, Maryland

Barry S. Seibel, MD | Beverly Hills, California

Neda Shamie, MD | Beverly Hills, California

Steven Shanbom, MD | Berkley, Michigan

Neal A. Sher, MD | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bradford J. Shingleton, MD | Boston, Massachusetts

David W. Shoemaker, MD | Sarasota, Florida

Steven B. Siepser, MD | Wayne, Pennsylvania

Stephen G. Slade, MD | Houston, Texas

Michael E. Snyder, MD | Cincinnati, Ohio

Jonathan D. Solomon, MD | Bowie, Maryland

Kerry D. Solomon, MD | Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Renée Solomon, MD | New York, New York

Mark Speaker, MD | New York, New York

Bernard C. Spier, MD | South Orange, New Jersey

Erin D. Stahl, MD | Kansas City, Kansas

Jason E. Stahl, MD | Overland Park, Kansas

Christopher E. Starr, MD | New York, New York

Stephen Stechschulte, MD | Leawood, Kansas

Roger F. Steinert, MD | Irvine, California

P. Dee Stephenson, MD | Venice, Florida

W. Colby Stewart, MD | Houston, Texas

Karl G. Stonecipher, MD | Greensboro, North Carolina

Howard N. Straub, DO | Littleton, Colorado

R. Doyle Stulting, MD, PhD | Atlanta, Georgia

Jonathan H. Talamo, MD | Boston, Massachusetts

Audrey R. Talley Rostov, MD | Seattle, Washington

Shachar Tauber, MD | Springfield, Missouri

Savak “Sev” Teymoorian, MD, MBA | Laguna Hills, California

Andrew W. Tharp, MD | Evansville, Indiana

Vance M. Thompson, MD | Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Richard Tipperman, MD | Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

Thomas S. Tooma, MD | Newport Beach, California


Melissa Toyos, MD | Franklin, Tennessee

Rolando Toyos, MD | Memphis, Tennessee

Dan B. Tran, MD | Irvine, California

William B. Trattler, MD | Miami, Florida

Scott W. Tunis, MD | Wilmington, North Carolina

Farrell “Toby” Tyson, MD | Cape Coral, Florida

Stephen A. Updegraff, MD | St. Petersburg, Florida

Stewart D. Van Horn, MD | Altoona, Pennsylvania

Denise M. Visco, MD | York, Pennsylvania

Mitchell Vogel, MD | Passaic, New Jersey

David T. Vroman, MD | Charleston, South Carolina

John A. Vukich, MD | Madison, Wisconsin

R. Bruce Wallace III, MD | Alexandria, Louisiana

Keith A. Walter, MD | Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Tom Walters, MD | Austin, Texas

Kevin L. Waltz, MD | Indianapolis, Indiana

Ming X. Wang, MD, PhD | Nashville, Tennessee

George O. Waring IV, MD | Charleston, South Carolina

Arthur J. Weinstein, MD | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Robert J. Weinstock, MD | Largo, Florida

Kent L. Wellish, MD | Las Vegas, Nevada

Liliana Werner, MD | Salt Lake City, Utah

Darrell E. White, MD | Westlake, Ohio

Jeffrey Whitman, MD | Dallas, Texas

William F. Wiley, MD | Cleveland, Ohio

John Wittpenn, MD | Stony Brook, New York

Michael Y. Wong, MD | Princeton, New Jersey

Michael G. Woodcock, MD | Fayetteville, North Carolina

Gary N. Wortz, MD | Lexington, Kentucky

Helen K. Wu, MD | Boston, Massachusetts

Sandra Yeh, MD | Springfield, Illinois

Elizabeth Yeu, MD | Norfolk, Virginia

Sonia H. Yoo, MD | Miami, Florida