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Researchers to be honored at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

October 31, 2019
The San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium and American Association for Cancer Research — one of the conference’s co-sponsors — will…
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Depression in oncologists: For many, a closely guarded secret

HemOnc Today, October 25, 2019
Oncologists, and physicians in general, are trained to strive for excellence, remain strong and resilient in the most difficult circumstances, and…
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Cirrhosis Fueled by Environmental Factors, Mental Health Disorders

Healio Gastroenterology, October 2019
Liver cirrhosis, also known as the fourth and most advanced stage of fibrosis, can result from a variety of causes including nonalcoholic fatty liver…
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Patient preference for maximal thyroid cancer surveillance linked to increased use of resources

October 18, 2019
Patients with thyroid cancer who opt for maximal vs. minimal surveillance after being declared disease-free consume a greater amount of health care…

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society awards $13.8 million for research into pediatric blood cancers

October 9, 2019
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society awarded $13.8 million in new pediatric research grants designed to identify more effective and precise treatments…

University of Michigan offers unique resources for inflammatory skin disease research

October 3, 2019
The department of dermatology at the University of Michigan Medical School has been awarded $3.9 million from the NIH to establish the University of…
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Low PSA levels predict lack of benefit from long-term hormone therapy after prostate surgery

September 16, 2019
Long-term antiandrogen therapy did not improve OS when administered during early salvage radiation therapy among patients with recurrent prostate…
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Adavosertib regimen appears safe, shows promise for improving pancreatic cancer survival

August 22, 2019
The combination of adavosertib, gemcitabine and radiation appeared safe and potentially effective for patients with newly diagnosed, locally advanced…
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CAR T-cell therapy made available to all Medicare recipients

August 8, 2019
On Wednesday, the Trump Administration made chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy available to all Medicare beneficiaries via a long-awaited final…
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HemOnc Today honors Next Gen Innovators

HemOnc Today, July 25, 2019
HemOnc Today held a reception at ASCO Annual Meeting to honor its third class of Next Gen Innovators. The publication’s 111 Next Gen…
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Men retain sexual interest, salvage satisfaction after radical prostatectomy

July 11, 2019
Men with prostate cancer who underwent radical prostatectomy remained interested in sex despite functional losses and appeared able to salvage…
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New treatments, new outcomes for refractory thyroid cancer

HemOnc Today, July 10, 2019
Thyroid cancer diagnoses are increasing rapidly in the United States. But, with an estimated incidence of four cases per million population, thyroid…
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Hysterectomy-corrected uterine cancer incidence rates show racial disparities, rising subtypes

July 5, 2019
Incidence rates of aggressive uterine cancer subtypes have increased rapidly since the turn of the century, with racial disparities reflected in…
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One-third of vascular surgeons self-report burnout, depression

June 25, 2019
Three in 10 vascular surgeons met criteria for burnout and more than one-third said they had symptoms of depression, according to the results of a…
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Low continuity of care in IBD worsens outcomes

June 17, 2019
SAN DIEGO — In patients with inflammatory bowel disease, continuity of care was found to be low and was associated with poorer outcomes…
At Issue

Is the world due for an influenza pandemic?

Infectious Disease News, June 2019
Research has shown that an influenza pandemic is more likely to strike in the spring or summer than at the height of seasonal influenza season. But…
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The Cannabis Frontier: As Medical Cannabis Moves Mainstream, are Gastroenterologists Prepared?

Healio Gastroenterology, June 2019
As any self-respecting American marijuana smoker can attest, the nation’s complicated relationship with the drug dates at least as far back as…
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The Cannabis Frontier: As Medical Cannabis Moves Mainstream, are Rheumatologists Prepared?

Healio Rheumatology, June 2019
As any self-respecting American marijuana smoker can attest, the nation’s complicated relationship with the drug dates at least as far back as…
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Minimally invasive surgery linked to higher recurrence risk in early cervical cancer

June 7, 2019
CHICAGO — Women who underwent minimally invasive surgery for early-stage cervical cancer demonstrated higher odds of recurrence than women who…
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VIDEO: Physicians’ words guide patients from hopeless to hopeful

May 23, 2019
SAN DIEGO — In this video from Digestive Disease Week, William D. Chey, MD, professor of medicine, and director of the GI Physiology…