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Use of intrauterine devices may decrease risk for ovarian cancer

January 21, 2020
About 14,000 women each year die of ovarian cancer, making it one of the deadliest gynecologic cancers. Moreover, 80% of ovarian cancer diagnoses…
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New use for an old drug: The potential of colchicine in CVD

Cardiology Today, January 2020
Secondary prevention of CVD with colchicine is a major focus for the cardiology community, especially after recent presentations of the COLCOT and…

Telemedicine support group offers convenience, community to young adults with cancer

January 16, 2020
A cancer diagnosis in young adulthood can be challenging not only in the complicated emotions it engenders, but also in the logistical obstacles it…
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In obesity, growing CV risk burden demands cross-specialty collaboration, new solutions

Cardiology Today, December 2019
The prevalence of obesity in the U.S. is rising at an alarming rate, as are its CV consequences, a result of greater consumption of high-calorie…
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Location linked to likelihood of receiving high-cost drugs for advanced lung cancer

December 5, 2019
Patients with a primary diagnosis of metastatic non-small cell lung cancer appeared more likely to receive newer, high-cost antineoplastic agents at…

Partnership funds research to assess connection between cancer, aging

December 2, 2019
The Partnership for Aging and Cancer Research Program awarded seven grants intended to fund research into the link between aging and cancer. The…
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Brigatinib confers durable PFS benefit in ALK-positive NSCLC

November 24, 2019
Brigatinib conferred a durable PFS benefit compared with crizotinib among patients with ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer who had not received…

Association of Community Cancer Centers presents Innovator Awards

November 17, 2019
The Association of Community Cancer Centers presented its ACCC Innovator Awards to seven member programs. The awards recognize innovative strategies…
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Physicians explore cannabinoids as pain management solution

Orthopedics Today, November 2019
In 2018, WHO reported musculoskeletal conditions accounted for a greater proportion of persistent pain, with more than 150 diagnoses that affect the…

Q&A: Spotlight on occupational hazards for stone workers

November 12, 2019
A recent report published in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, which details cases of silicosis in stone fabrication workers, has highlighted…

Breast surgery alone may be safer than in combination with plastic, gynecologic surgeries

October 14, 2019
Women who underwent combined breast, plastic reconstructive and gynecologic surgery exhibited higher rates of postoperative complications…

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society awards $13.8 million for research into pediatric blood cancers

October 9, 2019
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society awarded $13.8 million in new pediatric research grants designed to identify more effective and precise treatments…
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Single-agent, targeted therapies induce negligible response among smokers with NSCLC

September 19, 2019
BARCELONA — Targeted therapies for non-small cell lung cancer demonstrated potential benefit in additional molecular stratifications of the…
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Physicians inconsistently provide strongest HPV vaccine recommendation

September 16, 2019
Although pediatricians and family physicians often recommend HPV vaccination, recent survey data suggest that these providers do not always use the…
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Selpercatinib induces deep, durable responses in RET fusion-positive lung cancer

September 10, 2019
BARCELONA — The investigational drug selpercatinib induced deep antitumor responses among patients with RET fusion-positive non-small cell…
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Bariatric Endoscopy: Growing Awareness in a Dynamic Field

Healio Gastroenterology, August 2019
Before 2015, managing obesity was the realm of other specialties. Although gastroenterologists have traditionally dealt with some of the…
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CAR T-cell therapies may be cost-effective for patients with lymphoma subtype

July 23, 2019
The chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapies axicabtagene ciloleucel and tisagenlecleucel may meet a cost-effectiveness threshold of less than…
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Higher radiation doses linked to tumor progression, shorter OS in lung cancer

July 5, 2019
Higher doses of radiation to immune cells appeared associated with tumor progression and shorter OS among patients with stage III non-small cell lung…

What imaging is best to diagnose the source of hip-spine pathology symptoms?

Orthopedics Today, June 2019
There has been recent interest in joint arthroplasty in terms of how spinal motion might influence component position in patients undergoing total…
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Conquer Cancer Foundation presents Merit Awards at ASCO

June 6, 2019
CHICAGO — The Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO presented ASCO Annual Meeting Merit Awards to more than 100 oncology professionals. The awards…