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ASH presents Scholar Awards to fellows, junior faculty

December 22, 2019
ASH announced the recipients of its 2019 Scholar Awards. The awards — presented to hematologists in the United States and Canada who conduct…

Association of Community Cancer Centers presents Innovator Awards

November 17, 2019
The Association of Community Cancer Centers presented its ACCC Innovator Awards to seven member programs. The awards recognize innovative strategies…
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Higher provider patient volume linked to better myeloma outcomes

November 1, 2019
Patients with multiple myeloma achieved better outcomes if they received care from providers who had more experience treating the disease, according…

ASCO updates recommendations on venous thromboembolism prevention, treatment for patients with cancer

September 25, 2019
Direct oral anticoagulants should be used to prevent venous thromboembolism among certain patients with cancer, as well as to treat those who develop…

Association of Community Cancer Centers announces award recipients

August 30, 2019
The Association of Community Cancer Centers will present awards to three oncology professionals at its 36th National Oncology Conference, which will…
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HemOnc Today honors Next Gen Innovators

HemOnc Today, July 25, 2019
HemOnc Today held a reception at ASCO Annual Meeting to honor its third class of Next Gen Innovators. The publication’s 111 Next Gen…
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DTCandWe: Oncology providers must understand direct-to-consumer testing’s limitations, implications

HemOnc Today, July 25, 2019
Jill S. Bates, PharmD
Donna was a young mother of two whose mom and maternal aunt died of breast cancer at early ages. Concerned for her daughter, Donna wondered whether…
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Aggressive end-of-life care: A disservice to patients

HemOnc Today, July 25, 2019
The availability of more effective and less toxic anticancer agents has made it increasingly difficult for clinicians to discern when to discontinue…
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Men choosing active prostate cancer surveillance show low rates of follow-up monitoring

June 2, 2019
CHICAGO — Most men who choose active surveillance of prostate cancer fail to undergo guideline-recommended monitoring by year 2 after…

Risk-stratified follow-up care may benefit cancer survivors, reduce costs

April 29, 2019
A personalized, risk-stratified approach to follow-up care could better meet the needs of cancer survivors while helping to control costs for the…
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Medicaid reimbursement for radiation oncology services varies substantially among states

April 26, 2019
Medicaid coverage and payment rates for radiation oncology services vary substantially across the U.S., according to study results published in…
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Telemedicine in oncology: Virtual solution to a very real problem

HemOnc Today, April 25, 2019
Following the lead of businesses, consumer transactions, news dissemination and more, medicine — a profession rooted in a…
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Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association honors 2019 fellows

April 3, 2019
FORT WORTH, Texas — Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association honored the eight members of its 2019 fellows class during the opening ceremony of…
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Black women more likely to skip breast cancer treatment

November 5, 2018
Black women with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer appeared 2.5 times more likely than white women to be nonadherent to their endocrine therapy…

Four elected to ASH executive committee

October 29, 2018
Four individuals have been elected to American Society of Hematology’s executive committee. Their terms will begin after the ASH Annual Meeting…

Association of Community Cancer Centers presents Innovator Awards

October 18, 2018
The Association of Community Cancer Centers will present Innovator Awards to seven cancer programs. The awards — which will be presented at the…
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FDA awards $18 million to fund trials of medical products for rare diseases

September 29, 2018
The FDA awarded more than $18 million in grants over the next 4 years to fund clinical trials of medical products intended to treat patients with…
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Cancer treatment costs cause financial toxicity, warrant discussion

September 24, 2018
Women with breast cancer faced significant financial hardships and wished their doctors had discussed and considered costs before initiating…

Does increased endometrial cancer incidence warrant more intensive screening?

HemOnc Today, July 10, 2018
POINT Endometrial cancer has been increasing in frequency, as has the death rate from this disease, largely due to the obesity epidemic. As we expect the…
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Increased endometrial cancer incidence prompts calls for more screening, research funding

HemOnc Today, July 10, 2018
Endometrial cancer incidence has increased dramatically in many parts of the world, and the United States is no exception. Lortet-Tieulent and…