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Cord blood transplant via NiCord reduces time to neutrophil, platelet recovery

February 23, 2018
SALT LAKE CITY — NiCord single unit expanded umbilical cord blood transplantation decreased time to neutrophil and platelet recovery, according…

Q&A: Philadelphia supports safe injection sites to fight opioid crisis

February 2, 2018
According to the CDC, drug overdose deaths and opioid-related deaths continue to grow at an alarming rate in the United States, with an average of…
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ORBITA: Lessons Learned and Lingering Questions

Cardiology Today's Intervention, January/February 2018
Although the benefits of PCI are indisputable in certain patient populations, the ORBITA trial has raised questions about the advantages of the…
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Complexities of Cardiogenic Shock

Cardiology Today's Intervention, January/February 2018
The patient with acute MI and cardiogenic shock has long presented physicians with a puzzle in dire need of solving. However, the complex and urgent…
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Extended depth of focus technologies expand presbyopia correction options

Ocular Surgery News U.S. Edition, January 25, 2018
Over recent years, multifocal IOL technology has greatly improved, incorporating innovative optical concepts aimed at overcoming the three principal…

Does intraoperative use of vancomycin powder help reduce prosthetic joint infection?

Orthopedics Today, January 2018
The administration of vancomycin powder into orthopedic surgical wounds has been well described in the setting of posterior spinal fusion. With the…
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Preschool children with obesity, asthma benefit from inhaled corticosteroids

December 20, 2017
Children between the ages of 2 and 5 years with overweight or obesity experience asthma symptoms and exacerbations more frequently than children of…
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Home stem cell transplantation could lower infections, costs

December 19, 2017
ATLANTA — Patients who received autologous and allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in their homes maintained their quality of…
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Evidence of PPI Risks Weak, But Overuse Remains a Problem

Healio Gastroenterology, December 2017
With an ever-growing laundry list of studies drawing associations between proton pump inhibitor use and sometimes alarming adverse effects —…
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Need for transfusions delays hospice care for patients with leukemia

December 10, 2017
ATLANTA — Although patients with leukemia dependent on transfusions appeared more likely to be referred to hospice care, median time on hospice…

ASH presents Scholar Awards

December 4, 2017
ASH announced the recipients of the society’s 2018 Scholar Awards. The awards — presented to hematologists in the United States and…
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Immediate access to opioid agonist treatment could save billions

November 20, 2017
Unlimited, immediate access to opioid agonist treatment with methadone for patients with opioid use disorder offers drastic cost savings and greater…
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TNT-POAF: Botulinum toxin may reduce postoperative AF

November 15, 2017
ANAHEIM, Calif. — Epicardial fat pad injections of botulinum toxin may be a safe way to reduce postoperative atrial fibrillation without…

Experts discuss changing scope of insomnia treatment

November 14, 2017
Improving sleep hygiene has long been recommended as a treatment for insomnia, but there is increasing evidence that it is insufficient as standalone…
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Recommendations address ‘public health concern’ of hepatitis C in pregnancy

November 10, 2017
The Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine recently issued its first-ever recommendations for pregnant women with hepatitis C — a segment of…
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VEGF inhibitors may augment immunotherapy efficacy for first-line renal cell carcinoma

November 4, 2017
MIAMI — Vascular endothelial growth factor inhibitors may augment the efficacy observed with immuno-oncology agents for first-line treatment of…
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Consider patient perception of pain when planning cataract procedures

Ocular Surgery News U.S. Edition, November 10, 2017
Cataract surgery is thought to be painless for most patients, but for the few who report discomfort during surgery, ophthalmologists can take…
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Community engagement, partnerships can reduce cancer disparities, improve population health

October 19, 2017
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A five-step roadmap helped Duke Cancer Institute establish a health equity program designed to reduce cancer disparities and…

Study questions effectiveness of EVS to monitor hospital room cleanliness

October 18, 2017
Recently published findings validate the CDC’s recommendation that independent observers provide the most objective approach to monitoring the…

Hematologists, oncologists elected to National Academy of Medicine

October 16, 2017
The National Academy of Medicine today announced the election of 70 regular members and 10 international members. Election to the academy —…