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Responsible musculoskeletal pain management is up to the orthopedist

Orthopedics Today, November 2017
Opioids are a main class of pain management drugs that started to be used more often in the U.S. and Canada about 20 years ago, with the HHS now…
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High mutation burden improves nivolumab efficacy for small cell lung cancer

October 30, 2017
Nivolumab with or without ipilimumab demonstrated greater efficacy among patients with small cell lung cancer who had a high mutation burden…
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Robotic-assisted surgery shows limited benefit for various cancers

October 24, 2017
Robotic-assisted surgery did not appear superior to laparoscopic surgery for the treatment of patients with kidney cancer and rectal adenocarcinoma…

NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center appoints breast surgery chief

October 12, 2017
Roshni Rao, MD, FACS, has been appointed chief of the breast surgery program at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center. Rao also…

USPSTF: Evidence lacking to determine benefits, harms of skin cancer self-exams

October 10, 2017
In a draft recommendation statement, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force said there is insufficient evidence to determine if the benefits…
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The Evolution of Angioplasty

Cardiology Today's Intervention, September/October 2017
When Andreas Grüntzig, MD, performed the first coronary angioplasty in a human patient in September 1977 in Zurich, Switzerland, he forever altered…
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Future Directions: Projections for the Coming Years

Cardiology Today's Intervention, September/October 2017
There will be movement toward more complex PCI, the technology for CTO PCI will grow exponentially and perhaps there will be some light at the end of…
TCT Preview

New Evidence, Ideas Abound at TCT 2017

Cardiology Today's Intervention, September/October 2017
The Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics conference, being held Oct. 29 to Nov. 2 in Denver, will offer attendees the chance to hear the latest…
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Beyond LDL: CV experts working to combat residual lipid-related risk

Cardiology Today, October 2017
In recent years, the cardiology community has made great strides in lowering the LDL in high-risk patients to prevent CV events. Many patients in…
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Elbow injuries in professional baseball players are most common among pitchers

October 5, 2017
Among professional players in Major and Minor League Baseball, results showed elbow injuries were most common among pitchers. Michael G
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Trump immigration policy threatens clinical research efforts

September 25, 2017
Foreign medical graduates play a substantial role in clinical and biomedical research efforts; thus, Trump-era immigration policies that deny…
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‘Isolation bag’ trial renews debate about power morcellation

HemOnc Today, September 25, 2017
A planned clinical trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a device designed to catch cancerous tissue in women who undergo power morcellation…

NewYork-Presbyterian, Columbia University appoint director of cellular immunotherapy

September 24, 2017
Pawel Muranski, MD, has been joined NewYork-Presbyterian and Columbia University Medical Center as director of cellular immunotherapy at the newly…
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Support to practice independently allows NPs to provide ongoing primary care

September 13, 2017
Nurse practitioners who were supported by their health care organization as independent primary care providers were more likely to have their own…

Gluten-free diets: In celiac disease absence, a source of confusion, uncertainty

September 12, 2017
The phrase “gluten-free” has become ubiquitous in American diet culture, and is a fixture in grocery store aisles, cookbooks and…
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Excessive sedentary time increases risk for all-cause mortality

September 11, 2017
Regardless of physical activity level, high total volume of sedentary time accumulated throughout the day and its accrual in prolonged, uninterrupted…
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Sickle cell disease and the heart: Awareness increases in cardiology community

Cardiology Today, September 2017
Sickle cell disease once carried a life span that ended in the teenage years. As more research is conducted and new treatments become available…
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Reasons for avoiding gluten vary regionally, nationally

September 6, 2017
Relative proportions of celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity among individuals who avoid dietary gluten vary significantly across the…
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VALIDATE-SWEDEHEART: Bivalirudin not superior to heparin in PCI for MI

August 29, 2017
Patients with MI undergoing PCI had similar outcomes regardless of whether they were anticoagulated with bivalirudin or heparin, according to new…
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Electronic sensor device linked with reduced rate of manipulation under anesthesia after TKA

August 24, 2017
Recently published results showed a statistically significant reduction in the rate of manipulation under anesthesia when an electronic ligament…