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Placebo-controlled, relapse prevention trials in schizophrenia may be unnecessary

April 10, 2019
In a viewpoint published in JAMA Psychiatry, experts from Columbia University wrote that placebo-controlled, relapse prevention studies for…
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Breast cancer risk among BRCA carriers influenced by timing, number of pregnancies

March 25, 2019
The timing and number of full-term pregnancies appeared to influence the risk for breast cancer among women with BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations, according…
The Big Picture

Peripheral, Structural Developments Poised to Change Practice

Cardiology Today's Intervention, March/April 2019
Lawrence Garcia, MD
In recent months, there have been many impressive CV advancements as several trials have shed light on issues affecting our patients that are…
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CODIACS-QoL: Depression screening fails to improve quality of life post-ACS

March 17, 2019
NEW ORLEANS — Patients with ACS who were screened for depression either with or without medical treatment upon diagnosis did not have a change…
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Role of atherectomy in endovascular interventions up for debate

March 16, 2019
NEW ORLEANS — Atherectomy appears to have its place in practice, but experts remain somewhat divided over how judiciously the procedure should…
FDA News

MitraClip now indicated in COAPT population

March 14, 2019
The FDA announced that it has approved a new indication for a transcatheter mitral valve repair device for the treatment of patients with HF and
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Weight cycling confers poor CV health in women

March 7, 2019
Women who had a history of weight cycling had poorer CV health and were less likely to meet the BMI metric from the American Heart…
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Shift to minimally invasive surgery for endometrial cancer linked to fewer complications

March 7, 2019
A shift from open surgery to minimally invasive surgical approaches for early-stage endometrial cancer appeared associated with a significantly…
FDA News

FDA clears drug-free test for CAD severity

March 5, 2019
Abbott announced that the FDA has cleared its diagnostic test that can identify the extent of coronary artery stenosis without the administration of…
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Sacituzumab govitecan shows practice-changing potential in metastatic triple-negative breast cancer

February 28, 2019
Sacituzumab govitecan induced durable responses in patients with heavily pretreated metastatic triple-negative breast cancer, according to results of…
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Lymphadenectomy fails to extend survival, linked to more complications in ovarian cancer

February 27, 2019
Systematic pelvic and paraaortic lymphadenectomy failed to improve survival among women with
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Artificially sweetened beverages increase risk for stroke in women

February 14, 2019
Patients who had a high intake of artificially sweetened beverages had increased risks for stroke, CHD, small artery occlusion ischemic stroke and…
Cover Story

Minimally invasive cervical cancer surgery may promote disease recurrence; professionals urge patience

HemOnc Today, February 10, 2019
Minimally invasive surgeries have emerged as often-preferable alternatives to open surgeries for a variety of malignancies, due to the lower risk for…
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Spike in infective endocarditis-related stroke coincides with opioid abuse rise

February 6, 2019
A sharp increase in U.S. hospitalization rates for stroke from opioid-related infective endocarditis since 2008 has coincided with the rise of the…
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Exercise improves thinking skills in young adults

January 30, 2019
Adults as young as 20 years who regularly performed aerobic exercises demonstrated improvements in thinking skills, particularly those that regulate…
The Take Home

The Take Home: TCT

Cardiology Today's Intervention, January/February 2019
The annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics Scientific Symposium, held Sept. 21 to 25 in San Diego, brought many of interventional…
Cover Story

Setting the Bar

Cardiology Today's Intervention, January/February 2019
Results from two highly anticipated trials — COAPT and MITRA-FR — have painted fairly different pictures of transcatheter mitral valve…
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Good health literacy improves antihypertensive adherence in Hispanics

January 22, 2019
Hispanic patients with hypertension and good health literacy had improved adherence to BP medications, although levels of health literacy and…

Columbia, NewYork-Presbyterian appoint new cancer center director

December 15, 2018
Anil K. Rustgi, MD, has been named director of the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center at Columbia University Irving Medical Center and…
Meeting NewsPerspective

Gut microbial diversity before stem cell transplantation may impact survival

December 13, 2018
SAN DIEGO — Higher gut microbial diversity was associated with improved survival in a multinational cohort of patients undergoing hematopoietic…