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FDA News

FDA awards $15 million to fund trials of treatments for rare diseases

October 8, 2019
The FDA awarded 12 grants worth more than $15 million to fund clinical trials of medical products intended to treat patients with rare diseases. The…

Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s named nation’s best hospital for pediatric cancer

June 18, 2019
Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center has reclaimed its distinction as the No. 1 children’s hospital for cancer…

Boston Children’s tops U.S. News & World Report’s list for 6th year

June 18, 2019
Boston Children’s Hospital has been ranked the No. 1 children’s hospital for 2019-2020 by U.S. News & World Report. This marks the…
Meeting NewsPerspective

Addition of temozolomide to vincristine, irinotecan may improve outcomes in relapsed rhabdomyosarcoma

May 31, 2019
CHICAGO — The addition of temozolomide to vincristine and irinotecan may improve outcomes among children and adults with relapsed or refractory…
At Issue

Management of ACL tears in pediatric patients

Orthopedics Today, February 2019
Henry B. Ellis Jr., MD; Shital N. Parikh, MD
When parents are faced with a decision regarding the optimal treatment for their child with an ACL injury, they commonly ask, “If this was your…
Cover Story

RSV vaccine development about to enter ‘golden age’

Infectious Diseases in Children, September 2018
No vaccine is currently approved for respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV. However, for the first time in decades, numerous vaccines are in the…
In the Journals

Researchers identify factors associated with survival in diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma

July 5, 2018
Researchers identified clinical, radiologic and molecular factors associated with survival among children and young adults with diffuse intrinsic…

Boston Children's Hospital ranked No. 1 by U.S News & World Report

June 26, 2018
Boston Children’s Hospital has been named the nation’s top pediatric hospital for the fifth consecutive year, according to U.S. News

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center named nation’s best for pediatric cancer

June 26, 2018
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center has been named the best hospital in the nation for children with cancer. The institution tops…
Cover Story

Youth sport superspecialization: A path to injuries, burnout

Orthopedics Today, June 2018
When it comes to youth sports, often it is all about “keeping up with the Joneses.” Young athletes are specializing in a single sport at…
Cover Story

Pertussis increase attributed to waning vaccine immunity

Infectious Diseases in Children, January 2018
Since the 1940s, the diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccine has been widely available to combat the transmission and development of pertussis…
In the Journals

Hydroxyurea appears safe for African children with sickle cell anemia

October 19, 2017
Hydroxyurea did not increase the risk for malaria infection in children with sickle cell anemia who live in malaria-endemic regions of Uganda…
Cover Story

Guideline adherence required to address constipation concerns

Infectious Diseases in Children, October 2017
Pediatric constipation is one of the most frequently treated chronic conditions worldwide, according to a review by Nurko and colleagues in the…
Round Tables

Surgical hip dislocation in children is safe for muscles, preserves blood supply

Orthopedics Today, September 2017
This Orthopedics Today Round Table features surgical hip dislocation in children, a procedure described by Reinhold Ganz, MD, about 17 years ago…
In the Journals

Diffuse myocardial fibrosis may predict diastolic dysfunction in sickle cell anemia

August 31, 2017
Diffuse myocardial fibrosis, a common feature in sickle cell anemia, predicted the development of diastolic dysfunction, according to an…

Sherman Prize honors researchers for their work in Crohn’s, UC

July 21, 2017
The Bruce and Cynthia Sherman Charitable Foundation has announced the 2017 recipients of the Sherman Prize for their research in the treatment of…

Boston Children’s, CHOP ranked best hospitals for pediatric GI, GI surgery

June 27, 2017
Boston Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center ranked as the top…

Boston Children’s Hospital named best pediatric hospital by U.S. News & World Report

June 27, 2017
Boston Children’s Hospital has been ranked the No. 1 pediatric hospital in the nation for the fourth consecutive year, according to the…
In the Journals

Year-round maternal influenza vaccination reduced infection rates, improved birth outcomes

June 8, 2017
Maternal influenza vaccinations administered throughout the year significantly reduced influenza infections among infants and influenza-like
In the Journals

Vitamin A supplementation may improve outcomes after pediatric bone marrow transplant

May 22, 2017
Lower levels of vitamin A promoted gastrointestinal graft-versus-host disease in children following hematopoietic stem cell transplant, according to…