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Video game enhances sensory, motor stimuli in children with ASD

January 21, 2019
Kids with autism spectrum disorder and co-occurring ADHD had “high engagement” with a video-game based tool that delivered sensory and…
FDA News

FDA expands Sprycel approval to include certain children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

January 2, 2019
The FDA expanded the approval of dasatinib tablets to include its use with chemotherapy for children aged 1 year or older with newly diagnosed…
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Single tisagenlecleucel infusion yields durable response in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

December 2, 2018
SAN DIEGO — An updated analysis of the phase 2 ELIANA trial confirmed the efficacy of a single infusion of the chimeric antigen receptor T-cell…
Meeting NewsPerspective

Checkpoint inhibitors enhance CAR T-cell therapy in relapsed B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

December 1, 2018
SAN DIEGO — Checkpoint inhibitors appeared to safely and effectively improve outcomes with CD19-directed chimeric antigen receptor T-cell…

Abramson Cancer Center becomes member institution of National Comprehensive Cancer Network

November 25, 2018
Abramson Cancer Center at University of Pennsylvania joined the National Comprehensive Cancer Network as its 28th member institution. This alliance…
Spot the Rash

7-year-old girl presents to ED with 1-day history of rash

Infectious Diseases in Children, October 2018
Colleen H Cotton, MD; Marissa J Perman, MD
A 7-year-old girl presented to the ED with a 1-day history of a rash. The patient’s mother first noticed a spot on the right arm when she was…
Cover Story

At the Crossroads of Research, Collaboration, and Implementation Lies the Microbiome

Healio Gastroenterology, September 2018
When the announcement for the Human Microbiome Project launched in 2007, Gary D. Wu, MD, saw it as an opportunity to further research he began with…

Should criteria for adult oncology trials be relaxed so those aged younger than 18 years can participate?

HemOnc Today, August 10, 2018
POINT Older teenagers are physiologically more similar to adults than they are to toddlers in some regards, and they typically have pharmacokinetics and…
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MRI superior to radiograph in evaluating children for sacroiliitis

August 1, 2018
MRI interrater reliability is superior to that of radiographs — which demonstrated a significant proportion of both false negative and false…

Boston Children's Hospital ranked No. 1 by U.S News & World Report

June 26, 2018
Boston Children’s Hospital has been named the nation’s top pediatric hospital for the fifth consecutive year, according to U.S. News

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center named nation’s best for pediatric cancer

June 26, 2018
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center has been named the best hospital in the nation for children with cancer. The institution tops…
Spot the Rash

A 10-month-old male with a rash in the axillae

Infectious Diseases in Children, June 2018
An otherwise healthy 10-month-old male presented to clinic with a several-week history of rash. His parents reported that the rash started on the…

11 institutions join AACR Project GENIE Consortium

May 21, 2018
Eleven institutions have joined an American Association for Cancer Research-led effort designed to aggregate and link cancer genomic data with…
Spot the Rash

An 8-year-old girl with a bleeding red bump

Infectious Diseases in Children, April 2018
Aditi Murthy, MD; Marissa J Perman, MD
An otherwise healthy 8-year-old girl presented to clinic with a 3-week history of a growing red bump on her back. She reported that it bled one time…
Meeting News

Chemotherapy may limit ability to develop effective CAR T cells

March 16, 2018
Pediatric patients with solid tumors may have poor-quality T cells compared with patients with leukemia, and certain prior chemotherapies…
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Single-dose tisagenlecleucel offers long-term responses for acute lymphoblastic leukemia

February 1, 2018
A single treatment of the chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy tisagenlecleucel led to long-term durable remission among pediatric and young…
Meeting News

Engineered stem cells may provide ‘universal’ donor cells for sickle cell disease

January 11, 2018
ATLANTA — A panel of customized induced pluripotent stem cells may allow for more efficient and safe matching of blood for transfusions among…
Meeting News

Dasatinib, chemotherapy combination appears effective in pediatric patients with leukemia subtype

January 5, 2018
ATLANTA — The addition of dasatinib to imatinib plus chemotherapy conferred survival benefit and appeared safe in pediatric patients with…

Celiac symposium highlights importance of research, community partnerships

December 11, 2017
On November 9, the patient advocacy group Beyond Celiac held its first Bold Beyond Research Symposium, where researchers, clinicians and community…
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Gene transfer therapy leads to stable factor IX levels in hemophilia B

December 6, 2017
A one-time IV infusion of gene therapy with SPK-9001 appeared associated with sustained level of factor IX coagulant activity of approximately 30%…