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Decision tree method addresses antimicrobial resistance in gram-negative bacteria

A decision tree method can help clinicians adjust treatments to address possible antimicrobial resistance, according to researchers. Decision trees…
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Endocrinologists, urologists more likely to prescribe testosterone vs. PCPs

Jasuja GK, et al. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2017;doi:10.1210/jc.2017-00468.
In the Department of Veterans Affairs health care system, prescriptions for testosterone are more likely to be written by younger providers, those…
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Erectile dysfunction common in diabetes

Kouidrat Y, et al. Diabet Med. 2017;doi:10.1111/dme.13403.
Erectile dysfunction may go undiagnosed in more than half the men with diabetes who are affected by the condition, according to results from a…
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Bone marrow, peripheral blood transplantation suitable for hematologic malignancies

Bashey A, et al. J Clin Oncol. 2017;doi:10.1200/JCO.2017.72.8428.
Both peripheral blood stem cells and unstimulated bone marrow appropriate for haploidentical transplantation when paired with posttransplant…
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Biomarker predicts heart failure in type 2 diabetes

Ohkuma T, et al. Diabetes Care. 2017;doi:10.2337/dc17-0509.
Adding N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide level to the list of traditional risk factors for heart failure substantially improved 5-year risk…
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Genetic testing for breast cancer recommended for all Ashkenazi Jewish women

Walsh T, et al. JAMA Oncol. 2017;doi:10.1001/jamaoncol.2017.1996.
Women of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry who do not harbor one of the founder mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2 may develop breast cancer because of a damaging…
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Vaccine reduces influenza infections, but not influenza-like illnesses

Van Beek J, et al. J Infect Dis. 2017;doi:10.1093/infdis/jix268.
Although vaccination reduced the incidence of influenza virus infections among older adults, it did not reduce the number of influenza-like
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Proton beam therapy shows promise for non-small cell lung cancer

Chang JY, et al. JAMA Oncol. 2017;doi:10.1001/jamaoncol.2017.2032.
Thomas Jr. CR. JAMA Oncol. 2017;doi:10.1001/jamaoncol.2017.2165.
Proton beam radiotherapy with concurrent chemoradiotherapy appeared safe and effective among patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer…
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Hypoglycemia hospitalizations increased from 1998 to 2013 in England

Zhong VW, et al. Diabetes Care. 2017;doi:10.2337/dc16-2680.
Hospitalizations for hypoglycemia increased by roughly 4% among adults with type 1 diabetes and young and middle-aged adults with type 2 diabetes…
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Autologous stem cell transplantation improves outcomes in refractory myeloma

Veltri LW, et al. Cancer. 2017;doi:10.1002/cncr.30770.
High-dose therapy with autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation appeared safe and effective among patients with refractory multiple…
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Glycemic control poorer with postprandial vs. preprandial insulin dosing

Peters A, et al. Endocr Pract. 2017;doi:10.4158/EP171813.OR.
Children and adults who dose their bolus insulin after a meal have a higher HbA1c and require a larger insulin dose compared with those who dose…
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Method identifies parameters for insulin resistance testing in PCOS

Chen C, et al. Endocr Pract. 2017;doi:10.4158/EP171849.OR.
Insulin values peaked at 30 minutes after an oral glucose tolerance test in lean Chinese women with polycystic ovary syndrome, whereas insulin
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HIV capsid computer simulation may yield clues to fighting virus

Perilla JR, Schulten K. Nat Commun. 2017;doi:10.1038/ncomms15959.  
A simulation showing the functions of an HIV capsid, or protein container, may provide ideas on how to fight the virus, according to researchers…
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CDC: 100 million Americans have diabetes or prediabetes

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2017.
More than 100 million U.S. adults are now living with diabetes or prediabetes, according to a new report issued by the CDC. The 2017 National…
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Look AHEAD: Overall neutral treatment benefit masks better, worse outcomes in subgroups

Baum A, et al. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol. 2017;doi:10.1016/s2213-8587(17)30176-6.
Gregg EW, et al. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol. 2017;doi:10.1016/s2213-8587(17)30238-3.
Among patients with well-controlled or poorly controlled type 2 diabetes and a good self-perception of their health, an intensive lifestyle…
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Definitions of clinical benefit differ between oncology society frameworks

Cheng S, et al. J Clin Oncol. 2017;doi:10.1200/JCO.2016.71.6894.
Schnipper LE and Schilsky RL. J Clin Oncol. 2017;doi:10.1200/JCO.2017.73.5704.
Weak-to-moderate correlations between the ASCO Value Framework and European Society for Medical Oncology Magnitude of Clinical Benefit Scale suggest…
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Study shows no link between Lyme disease and depression

Zomer TP, et al. Clin Infect Dis. 2017;doi:10.1093/cid/cix605.
Researchers who set out to clarify whether there is an association between Lyme disease and depression found that the prevalence of depressive…
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Updated international guideline seeks to improve management of Turner syndrome

Gravholt CH, et al. Eur J Endocrinol. 2017;doi:10.1530/EJE-17-0430.
The complexity, rarity and lifelong conditions that can accompany Turner syndrome require a multidisciplinary approach to treatment and management…
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Women who experience nausea, vomiting less adherent to preventive breast cancer therapy

Smith SG, et al. J Clin Oncol. 2017;doi:10.1200/JCO.2016.71.7439.
Women who experienced predefined symptoms of adverse effects from preventive breast cancer drugs in the first 6 months of treatment appeared less…
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Pessimism linked to worsening metabolic function in postmenopausal women

Tindle HA, et al. J Diabetes. 2017;doi:10.1111/jdb.12584.
Metabolic function, particularly fasting insulin and insulin resistance, in postmenopausal women worsens with pessimism, study data show. Future…