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House bill would cover lifetime anti-rejection drugs for kidney transplants

January 7, 2020

Federal court temporarily halts California dialysis profits law

January 2, 2020
A federal court in California has granted a preliminary injunction to prevent Assembly Bill 290, which is aimed at limiting dialysis provider profits and premium…

Trump signs spending bill that includes $5 million for KidneyX

December 26, 2019
President Donald Trump on December 20 signed a spending bill that includes funding for federal health care agencies and $5 million to provide continued…

HHS proposed rule expands reimbursement for living kidney donors

December 20, 2019
In keeping with the executive order Advancing American Kidney Health, HHS has released a proposed rule intended to reduce financial barriers to living organ donation by…
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“Health in the English Language”: A Partnership With the Alaska Literacy Program

HLRP: Health Literacy Research and Practice, Summer 2019, Volume 3 Issue 3
Health literacy is an issue that is influenced by social determinants and improved by community-based initiatives…
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