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RenalytixAI secures funding to complete early detection kidney disease tool

Natera Inc moves closer to Medicare reimbursement with receipt of unique Z code

Ellipsys access device receives Medicare reimbursement code

FDA issues alert regarding Pharm D Solutions products


Women show lower risk for CKD progression vs men

Study shows diabetes-linked CKD cases on the rise among young adults

Autosomal-dominant PKD linked to oxidative stress inflammation

Marijuana use in kidney donors may have no effect on renal function in recipients

Electronic alerts result in earlier creatinine monitoring

Gentamicin for open fracture treatment may increase kidney injury risk

Many patients with AKI remain unaware of their diagnosis after leaving the hospital

Cover Story

Improve rates of pre-emptive transplantation with care management

Candice Halinski, NP-C; Purva Sharma, MD; Steven Fishbane, MD

First Word

CKD, transplant missing in integrated care efforts

Mark E. Neumann

Letters to the Editor

Insurance-related disparities in dialysis


CMS final rule for dialysis clinics includes rate increase, classifying drugs for payment bundle

CMS adds transplant waitlist quality measure, drops 4 others from Quality Incentive Program in final rule

NKF raises concern about access to transplant drugs under Medicare Part D with new CMS proposal

Patient Management

Tools and resources for supportive nephrology care

Alvin H. Moss, MD, FAAHPM; Dale Lupu, MPH, PhD

Renal Politics

Victories on payment issues, focus on innovation give kidney community a good start for 2019


A review of presumed consent

Miguel Bigotte Vieira, MD

A national living donor kidney exchange would optimize kidney transplantation

Jayme Locke, MD