American Society of Nephrology Annual Meeting

Healio brings you the highlights from the American Society of Nephrology Annual Meeting. Refer back to this page often for the latest news, perspectives and interviews with leading researchers and clinicians, and to review archives of past meetings.
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VIDEO: Reloxaliase may reduce oxalate burden in patients with enteric hyperoxaluria, CKD

January 9, 2020
WASHINGTON — At ASN Kidney Week, Allena Pharmaceuticals reported positive results from two trials that evaluated reloxaliase in reducing…
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Machine learning model may better predict kidney function decline in type 2 diabetes

December 16, 2019
WASHINGTON — Research presented at ASN Kidney Week suggested a machine learning model that combines blood biomarkers and electronic health…
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Exercise improves QoL but not cognitive function in older patients on dialysis

December 13, 2019
WASHINGTON — Health-related quality of life in elderly patients on dialysis improved after home-based exercise training, but cognition was…
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Patient, clinical characteristics impact recovery time after dialysis

December 12, 2019
WASHINGTON — Data presented at ASN Kidney Week determined specific demographic and clinical variables were associated with the time patients…
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Higher serum albumin, potassium seen in patients who ate during dialysis

December 9, 2019
WASHINGTON — Data presented here from the Dialysis Outcomes Practice Patterns Study indicated that patients who ate during their in-center…
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Tool that assesses clot stiffness could help detect vascular access complications in dialysis

December 6, 2019
WASHINGTON — Research presented at ASN Kidney Week suggested that use of a tool that measures clot stiffness could help monitor patients on…
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Anemia negatively impacts quality of life for patients with CKD

December 5, 2019
WASHINGTON — Survey results presented at ASN Kidney Week indicated that most patients with chronic kidney disease-related anemia experienced…
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Velphoro effective in reducing phosphorus in new patients on dialysis

December 3, 2019
WASHINGTON — Use of the sucroferric oxyhydroxide binder by Fresenius Medical Care Renal Therapies Group, Velphoro, was effective in lowering…
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ATHENA trial: Azathioprine safe, cost-effective option for kidney transplant recipients

December 2, 2019
WASHINGTON — Results from the ATHENA trial presented at ASN Kidney Week suggested azathioprine conferred similar outcomes as mycophenolate…
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AKI more common in non-critically ill pediatric patients than previous research indicates

November 26, 2019
WASHINGTON — Data presented at ASN Kidney Week indicated the incidence of acute kidney injury is higher for non-critically ill hospitalized…