PCORI grant to fund dialysis patient and provider education on fluid removal misses the mark

November 24, 2015
This year, PCORI, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, awarded a $6.7 million, five-year grant to two professors from the University of…

Profit incentives might influence choice between home dialysis and in-center

November 17, 2015
A need to fill excess capacity, brought on by an overbuild of dialysis clinics in the last 25 years, along with better profit margins for in-center…

Payment reform led to less home hemodialysis use

November 10, 2015
Payment reform led to a decline in home hemodialysis patients in the United States, according to a study presented at the American Society of…

Studies shows kidney transplant patients have higher survival rates than those on home hemodialysis

November 9, 2015
Two studies presented at ASN Kidney Week demonstrate a higher mortality rate for home hemodialysis patients compared to kidney transplant recipients…

Dialysis patient mortality rates fall more than 20% in five years

November 7, 2015
Mortality rates among dialysis patients dropped significantly from 2007 to 2012, with corresponding drops in hospital admission rates, according to…

New Baxter leader facing questions about saline pricing, lingering issues over PD dialysate shortage

November 3, 2015
José Almeida has some homework to do before taking over as chairman and CEO of Baxter International in January. Almeida, 53, is replacing Robert…

Fresenius partners with Swiss device maker to build new peritoneal dialysis machines

November 2, 2015
Swiss medical device developer Debiotech SA, and Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. have partnered to develop a portfolio of peritoneal…

Baxter's AMIA peritoneal dialysis cycler features patient-physician connectivity

November 1, 2015
Baxter Healthcare recognized the value of simplifying the mechanics of peritoneal dialysis with AMIA, its new automated peritoneal dialysis machine…

New study to test effectiveness of dialysis staff, patient interventions on cardiovascular safety

October 28, 2015
The National Kidney Foundation and the University of Michigan are launching a new $6.7 million study, spearheaded by the University of Michigan, to…

Senators urge FTC to investigate saline shortage

October 27, 2015
A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators is urging the Federal Trade Commission to investigate possible illegal collusion by saline solution…

First patients treated with Quanta's SC+ portable dialysis machine

October 25, 2015
UK-based Quanta Fluid Solutions Ltd said it has successfully treated the first patients with SC+, its portable, cartridge-based hemodialysis system…

FDA approves new Baxter peritoneal dialysis system

October 13, 2015
The United States Food and Drug Administration has granted 510(k) clearance to Baxter International Inc.'s AMIA automated peritoneal dialysis (APD)…

Teen’s effort on home hemodialysis machine may help invigorate market with few choices

October 8, 2015
A story in September detailed the work of Anya Pogharian on a new portable hemodialysis machine. The 18-year-old from Montreal is…

Patients want what nephrologists would seek: the best dialysis care

September 27, 2015
INDIANAPOLIS–Dialysis can take a toll on your well-being. Three times a week, 3-4 hours a treatment, doesn't do a good job of replacing natural…

Northwest Kidney Centers honors home dialysis patient, advocate Bill Peckham

September 21, 2015
Northwest Kidney Centers has named a conference room at one of its Seattle dialysis clinics after home dialyzor Bill Peckham to commemorate his…

Study shows heart benefits for patients who do nocturnal dialysis

September 20, 2015
Canadian patients who received in center nocturnal dialysis saw a significant reduction in left ventricular mass after one year, compared to patients…

Dialysis: A duopoly of solutes and volume—not a solute monopoly alone

September 14, 2015
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Montreal Teen testing portable dialysis machine she created

September 11, 2015
Seventeen-year-old Anya Pogharian from Montreal is working with Héma-Québec, which manages the blood supply of Quebec, to test a $500…

Study shows survival advantage of home hemodialysis compared to peritoneal dialysis

September 2, 2015
A study published in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases has demonstrated that frequent home hemodialysis patients have a lower risk of death…

It's time to start adequately funding home hemodialysis training

September 2, 2015
One thing became abundantly clear after sifting through the 490 comments on the