Bone and Mineral Metabolism Disorders

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Veverimer demonstrates benefits in metabolic acidosis for patients with CKD, diabetes

March 28, 2020

PHREEDOM study: Tenapanor effective for hyperphosphatemia in patients on dialysis

December 4, 2019
Phase 3 results from the PHREEDOM study demonstrated treatment with tenapanor safely and effectively decreased serum phosphorous in patients with chronic kidney disease…
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Velphoro effective in reducing phosphorus in new patients on dialysis

December 3, 2019
WASHINGTON — Use of the sucroferric oxyhydroxide binder by Fresenius Medical Care Renal Therapies Group, Velphoro, was effective in lowering serum phosphorus…
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Patiromer controlled serum potassium in patients with CKD on renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitors

November 19, 2019
WASHINGTON — Patiromer was effective in controlling serum potassium in hyperkalemic patients with diabetes and advanced kidney disease on…
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A Framework for Approaching Refractory Hypocalcemia in Children

Pediatric Annals, May 2019, Volume 48 Issue 5
Hypocalcemia is a potentially fatal electrolyte imbalance with complications that include seizures, tetany, prolonged…
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