Orthopedics Today Hawaii Meeting

Travel, Safety and Expectations

We’ve outlined the current guidelines below (as of 2/18/21) and we’ll continue to monitor for any modifications. We’re committed to providing a safe and beneficial experience for our faculty, attendees, industry partners and staff. Please contact us with any questions or concerns at registration@HealioLive.com.


The State of Hawaii Safe Travels program is a multilayered process designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the community and includes the following steps:

  1. Prior to your arrival, if you’re an adult (age 18 years or older) you will need to create an online user account and register with the Safe Travels Hawaii program.
  2. Once you create an account, you’ll need to enter your traveler information and trip details on the program’s application form. Get answers to questions about this form.
  3. Even if you’ve gotten the vaccine, all travelers ages 5 and older will be required to take a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) from a certified Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) lab in order to bypass the State of Hawaii’s 10-day mandatory quarantine. The test must be conducted 72-hours prior to the departure of the last leg of your trip. View the full list of partners Please note your professional institution may not be on the approved list.
  4. Once you receive your negative pre-travel test result, you’ll need to upload the result to your Safe Travels Hawaii account prior to departure (or print it and have a hard copy in hand when arriving in Hawaii). This step is crucial, as it will be the only means for airport officials to verify your information upon your arrival in Hawaii. Failure to do either will result in a 10-day quarantine upon arrival in Hawaii. If you receive an indeterminate result or inconclusive result prior to departure, you will be placed in 10-day quarantine upon arrival.
  5. Upon your completion of the form, a QR code will be emailed to you for each leg of your trip, which you need to present to airport personnel upon deplaning in Hawaii. The QR code can be either on paper or on your mobile phone and must also be presented with a legally valid photo ID. Obtaining your QR code(s) for Hawaii airport processing PRIOR TO departure will significantly reduce your arrival airport screening.
Please see complete details on travel to Hawaii


The Grand Wailea has implemented many new health and sanitation precautions around the resort common areas and in sleeping rooms, including:

  • Contactless hotel check-in experience
  • Access sleeping room and common doors via mobile app digital room key
  • Room seals on doors to indicate the room has not been accessed since being thoroughly cleaned
  • Disinfection technologies electrostatically charged disinfecting mist – and ultraviolet light to sanitize surfaces and objects
  • Extra disinfection of the most frequently touched guest room areas – light switches, door handles, TV remotes, thermostats and more
  • Provide stations at primary entrances and key high traffic areas
  • Improved guidelines for disinfecting the hotel Fitness Center
  • Grand Wailea Maui has temporarily limited room service and suspended Volcano Bar, Grotto Bar, Grand Dining Room and Humuhumunukunukuapua’a for now – this is a fluid situation and they look forward to reactivating these outlets as guidelines allow.
  • Restaurants Currently Open:
    Grand Wailea - Bistro Molokini (Breakfast) 7AM–10AM; (Lunch) 11AM–4PM
    Grand Wailea - Molokini Coastal (Dinner) 5PM–9PM
    Grand Wailea - Wailea Surf Haus (Volcano) 11AM–4PM
    Grand Wailea - Botero (Beverages only) 5PM– 9PM
    Grand Wailea - Café Kula 7AM–8PM
    Grand Wailea - Café Kula Knock & Drop 7AM–11AM; 4PM–8PM
    Ka’ana Kitchen (Hawaiian Regional Cuisine) 6:30AM–11AM, 5:30PM–9PM
    Morimoto’s (Japanese) 12PM–8PM
    KO (Hawaiian Regional Cuisine) 5PM–9:30PM
    Nick’s Fish Market (Seafood) 5PM–9:30PM
    Spago’s (American) 5PM–8:30PM
    The Restaurant at Hotel Wailea (Contemporary American) 5PM–9:30PM
    Humble Market Kitchin (Hawaiian Regional Cuisine) 6:30AM–10AM, 5PM–9:15PM
    Tommy Bahama’s (Seafood) 12PM–8PM
    Lineage (Korean) 5PM–9PM
    Pita Paradise (Bistro) 11AM–8:30PM
    Matteo’s (Italian) Tues–Sat 4:45PM–8:45PM
    Manoli’s (Pizzeria) 3PM–9PM
    Duo’s (Steak and Seafood) 6–11AM, 5:30–9PM
    Ferraro’s (Italian) 11AM-9PM
    Ruth Chris Steakhouse (Steak and Seafood) 4:30–9PM

    Options for Casual Walk-ins:
    Lava Rock Bar and Grille 11AM–9PM
    Kihei Café 6AM–2PM
    Café O Lei 11AM–8PM
    Piko’s 8AM–3PM
    Paia Fish Market 11AM–9PM
    Coconut Fish Café 11AM–8PM
    Three’s Bar and Grille 3PM–9PM & Happy Hour 3PM–6PM
    Pizza Madness 11AM–8:30PM
    Monkeypod (Contemporary American) 3:30PM–9PM

Please see complete details on Grand Wailea Safety Protocols


  • Self-service kiosks for pre-registered attendees and exhibitors
  • Hand sanitizer, masks and gloves will be provided
  • More sessions will be held outdoors to comfortably spread out in the fresh air
  • Masks will be mandatory while standing as well as in sessions and the exhibit hall
  • Tables will have disposable placemats for an extra layer of protection
  • Seats will be 6’ apart
  • The exhibit hall will now take up the entire ballroom to space out booths and widen walkways
  • We will always operate at safe capacities set by law
  • Temperature checks may be requested at any time
  • We will disinfect our event space frequently
  • We will minimize the use of items and surfaces likely to be shared/touched by multiple people
  • All meeting staff will wear face masks when indoors or standing
  • All meeting staff will maintain high levels of hygiene through regular hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer


  • Stay in your room (or home) if you are experiencing symptoms
  • Alert a member of the hotel staff should you require medical attention
  • Respect all safety and health-related signs and instructions
  • Stay up to date on safety recommendations from the local authorities