IDC New York Meeting

What's Your Diagnosis?

Challenge your diagnostic skills

Participate in “What’s Your Diagnosis” this fall.

Don’t miss the popular What’s Your Diagnosis case questions and answers session at IDC New York 2022. Join us to see whether you can make the correct diagnoses on challenging and mysterious illnesses and infections that specialists have recently encountered in their practices.

Get a sneak peek at Dr. Brien’s case presentations for 2022:

Case #1

A healthy 7-year-old male in the second grade with itching and “dandruff” of the scalp. A hair shaft is shown.

Case #2

A healthy 17-year-old male awoke with a very pruritic rash on his abdomen and right thigh. His immunizations are up to date, and he has no known allergies or chronic skin disorder.

Case #3

A 2-year-old female with chronic bilateral cervical adenopathy, chronic white mouth lesions on the gingiva and persistent diaper rash with widely scattered discrete skin lesions.

Case #4

An infant who is small for age with developmental delay in a refugee camp with an unusual-appearing eye.

Case #5

A previously healthy 16-month-old female with an inflamed midline neck mass.

Case #6

A neonate born with a generalized rash with vesicles in a swirling pattern on the scalp and streaks of similar lesions on the trunk.