IDC New York Meeting

“What’s Your Diagnosis”

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Saturday: 1:00 am – 2:00 pm | Sunday: 1:05 pm – 2:05 pm

Test your diagnostic skills in pediatric infections. Dr. Brien will present real-life case studies that challenged specialists recently in their practices and then ask the audience to correctly diagnose the illness.

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James H. Brien, DO

After 30 years of presenting this attendee-favorite session at the meeting, Dr. Brien is officially retiring. We would like to thank him for his prolonged service to the meeting and for challenging our attendees in a fun and interesting way that they truly enjoyed and benefited from. Please join us in celebrating his accomplishments and retirement this fall!

The history of “What’s Your Diagnosis” with Dr. Brien

The Launch... In 1988, Dr. Ted Eickhoff was the Medical Editor of a brand-new publication titled Infectious Disease News (IDN). He asked Dr. James H. Brien to launch a new column based on visual diagnosis. The very first column featured a case of an infant with Congenital Toxoplasmosis. This was the start of "What's Your Diagnosis."

The Transition... Soon after the launch, Dr. Phil Brunell became Medical Editor of a new "sister publication," Infectious Diseases in Children (IDC). He also asked Dr. Brien to write the same column for IDC. During the early months, Dr. Brien would alternate a pediatric and adult case in IDN, which would be the same pediatric case published in IDC. He eventually ran out of adult material and stopped writing for IDN.

The Success... Over the years writing for IDC, he added more content including pictures and a "Columnists Comments" discussion section at the end of each column. These comments generated a tremendous amount of reader feedback and reader surveys appeared to show the What's Your Diagnosis column to be the most popular feature in the publication.

The Live Version... The popularity of IDC soon led to starting what we now know as The Annual Infectious Diseases in Children Symposium in New York City. During the fifth annual meeting, Dr. Brien was invited to recreate a "live" version of his column. This interactive session challenged attendees' diagnostic skills on mysterious illness and infections that specialists have encountered in their practices over the years. His participation quickly went from presenting 6 cases in an hour to 10 cases in two hours and after all these years, he has never featured the same case twice.

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