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What's Your Diagnosis?

Challenge your diagnostic skills

Participate in “What’s Your Diagnosis” this fall.

Don’t miss the popular What’s Your Diagnosis case questions and answers session at IDC New York 2021. Join us in-person or via live stream and see whether you can make the correct diagnoses on challenging and mysterious illnesses and infections that specialists have recently encountered in their practices.

Get a sneak peek at Dr. Brien’s case presentations for 2021:

Lawrence F. Eichenfield, MD

Case #1

An otherwise healthy 19-day old female neonate presents for evaluation of a several-day history of some progressive swelling and erythema about the left nipple (figure left) and a blistering rash in the groin. Some hormonal-induced physiologic breast enlargement was noted at birth.

James H. Brien, DO

Case #2

A neonate with hepatosplenomegaly, generalized desquamation and a dark red spot on the planter surface of the left foot.

James H. Brien, DO

Case #3

A 10-year-old boy with a mildly pruritic, circular rash on his right thigh that he thinks began with a bug bite that he received when camping 2 weeks ago (courtesy of Jay Capra, MD).

James H. Brien, DO

Case #4

An 8-year-old male is seen for a round lesion on his left arm, that appears to be getting larger over the last 2 weeks (figure left). He has no history of eczema or any other chronic skin condition. A younger sister has a smaller, similar-appearing lesion on her abdomen.

James H. Brien, DO

Case #5

A 5-year-old, asplenic male was bitten on the face by an unleashed and unimmunized dog. What could possibly go wrong?