IDC New York Meeting



General Sessions
Benefit from didactic and interactive presentations given by 20+ faculty members. Receive a comprehensive update on the latest updates and advances to enhance your expertise on both common and emerging infectious diseases.

Don't miss these opportunities to engage faculty and colleagues in a small group setting. Speakers will deliver didactic presentations on a hot topic and then take questions from the audience.

Exhibit Hall Breaks*
Enjoy snacks and refreshments while you gain new information from industry representatives.


Spot the Rash
Dr. Lawrence F. Eichenfield’s famous session will deliver a fun and exciting mental workout for all attendees. Sharpen your skills on real-life dermatology issues that challenged specialists in their own practices. Listen to cases presented and see if you can make the correct diagnoses on pediatric dermatology issues.

Challenging Calls to Pediatric ID
Test and enhance your diagnostic knowhow through active discussions. Dr. Sarah S. Long will encourage speakers to present real-life calls made from general pediatricians to infectious disease specialists that even they considered challenging.

Ask Us Anything
No structure, just questions. Dr. David W. Kimberlin will conclude the meeting by encouraging attendees to ask questions, exchange ideas and discuss cases from their own experiences. Attendees can get targeted advice on their specific context, as opposed to a general address which has its limits.

Our official media partner,, offers meeting coverage to read and video interviews to watch so you can feel like you were right in the room with us (and if you were, browse the coverage for an interesting recap). Find out what attendees learned at past meetings – see coverage from all previous years!

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