See what attendees are saying about the Infectious Diseases in Children Symposium:

" The best Peds ID meeting in the country, in one of the best cities to visit in the country, with a chance to interact directly with some of the top experts in the field of Peds ID."
Glenn Synders
Virginia Beach, Virginia
" This is bread and butter pediatrics because most of pediatrics is dealing with viral infections and rashes. it's a lot of case studies which are very helpful."
" I made multiple new connections from chatting with colleagues and had several direct and meaningful conversations with the faculty. Dr Kimberlin is especially engaging despite being a Bama fan, and is always interested in attendees’ feedback to improve the conference."
Davis Jones
Virginia Beach, Virginia
" It is very comprehensive and practical in terms of the interesting topics of pediatric ID. No time to blink or fall asleep in the lectures because they are all interesting!"
M. Alexandra Lopez, MD, FAAP
Lyme, CT
" Excellent weekend course, (minimal loss of time away from work) in THE city."
Donna Smith
Spartanburg, SC
" Excellent conference. Timely topics and practical information. I love the App to follow the schedule and download the notes. I will be back."
Patricia Schneider, MD, FAAP
Saint Francisville, Louisiana
" A Hall of Fame cast of pediatric ID specialists giving down-to-earth talks on practical topics."
" Information from experts who are able to communicate effectively and to a degree ability to talk directly with him one on one. Also, information relevant to a practicing Pediatrician."
J. King Seegar
Franklin, West Virginia
" It is an action packed, back to back two days of high yield pediatric infectious diseases information presented by known leaders in the field. The information learned can be applied in your everyday pediatric practice immediately and you get the satisfaction and the comfort of knowing you are practicing based on the latest guidelines. The ability to network with other pediatricians is so easy as well."
Jill Pedalino
Nutley, NJ