Participate in “What’s Your Diagnosis” this fall.

Don’t miss the popular What’s Your Diagnosis case questions and answers session at IDC New York 2020. Join us virtually and see whether you can make the correct diagnoses on challenging and mysterious illnesses and infections that specialists have recently encountered in their practices.

Get a sneak peek at Dr. Brien’s case presentations for 2020:

Case #1
A previously healthy 5-year-old male was seen in a regional emergency room for evaluation of fever to 102° F, with painful swelling behind his right ear. His symptoms began 2-days earlier, with the subsequent development of drainage from the right ear canal.

Case #2
A 10-year-old female developed redness and painful swelling around her nose and mid-face, that began when she developed a “pimple” on the bridge of her nose 4-days earlier. After picking at the pimple over 2-days ago, she noted the onset of the erythema and painful swelling, that has progressively worsened which may lead to life-threatening complications.

Case #3
A 10-year-old female has slowly progressive left-side facial swelling with mild to moderate pain and a low-grade fever. During the visit, her mother recalled a couple of similar episodes of facial swelling over the last couple of years. Her immunizations are up to date and has had no recent injuries.

Case #4
A previously healthy 10-year-old female presents with painful swelling with erythema around the left eye involving the infraorbital area. She was previously diagnosed with left-sided lacrimal duct stenosis as an infant, that spontaneously resolved by 1-year of age. However, it periodically recurs; manifested as excessive tearing for days to weeks at a time. Since it never bothered her before, it was never pursued.

Case #5
A 28-month-old female presents with acute-onset fever of 103+, and diarrhea that was soon followed by significant mental status changes. Her past medical history was unremarkable, and immunizations were up to date. She soon had multi-organ failure and skin changes. Her blood culture is growing Gram-positive cocci in chains.