Past attendees had this to say about the 2019 meeting...

" This was one of the best conferences I have ever attended in regard to helping those of us in community oncology."
" I am an NP and I have reported to my physicians in our office that this is a conference that I would highly recommend."
" I feel that the material was both relevant and presented in a way that was so understandable."
" Good job with the panel discussions on Saturday; it was interesting to hear oncologists with different tumor focus respond to the same questions."
" This event was an important clinical consolidator of widely dispersed data – well done."
" The side effects session was a highlight for me."
" I’ve gained a better understanding of molecular markers to understand targeted therapy."
" I immediately changed my thinking after attending this meeting; I now consider IO first followed by BRAF/MEK in melanoma rather than the other way around."
" The use of clinical studies made this a fantastic meeting."
" (The program) brought me more awareness of new treatments to my patients."
" As it has been in the past, this year was one of the best CME Conferences I attended."

We’ve made significant changes to the 2020 meeting!