Sponsorship Packages

Package Details –Get promoted to both OSN New York and OSN New York Retina attendees for an additional $4,000

10 | Personalized package: Customized premiums tailored to your needs.
9D | Program Notebook Back Cover Ad: Corporate ad printed on both the front inside cover and back outside cover premium positions.
9C | Lanyard: Corporate logo on the name badge lanyard worn by all attendees.
9B | Meeting Bag: Corporate logo on meeting bags provided to all attendees so they can carry their materials.
9A | Hotel Keycard: Product or corporate branded keycards used by attendees to access their hotel rooms.
8 | Digital Billboard: Product or corporate ad displayed on a monitor placed in a high traffic area.
7 | Premier Exhibitor Upgrade: Includes company logo, highlighted listing and 100-word description in the meeting app and printed program book as well as a document upload in the app.
6 | Email Listing: Sponsor logos listed by level sent from the meeting to the entire pre-registration list.
5 | Signage Listing: Sponsor logos listed by level on meeting signage and/or column wrap.
4 | PowerPoint Listing: Sponsor logos listed by level on PowerPoint slide rotating in meeting room.
3 | Meeting App Listing: Sponsor logos listed by level under the Meeting Sponsorship section of the app.
2 | Program Notebook Listing: Sponsor logos listed by level on the Meeting Sponsorship page of the program notebook.
1 | Exhibit Booth: One standard Exhibit booth space.

A-la-carte Sponsorships

Meeting App: $7,500 (2 available)

Attract more attention before, during and after the meeting as the sole sponsor of the official meeting app. The opening splash screen helps you to make a strong first impression; users will see this half screen promotion every time they open the app. Rotating banner ads help you attract more leads by rotating up to 3 different banner ads per sponsor at the top of the screen that users will see the entire time they have the app open. Ad clicks will drive traffic to your exhibit booth or company/product website.

Column Wrap: $10,000 (limited availability)

Display your product or corporate message prominently on all four sides of a column for all attendees to see as they enter and exit the meeting space.

Mobile Device Charging Station: CALL FOR PRICING (limited quantities)

Promote your company on the mobile device charging station (able to charge 4 devices at once!) placed in the meeting area for convenient attendee usage.

Beverage Station: $3,500 (limited quantities)

Promote your company logo on branded cups, napkins and signage at the beverage station in the exhibit hall available to all attendees.

Program Notebook Ad Options:
$3,500 premium cover 3 (exclusive)
$2,500 inside page (limited)

Corporate branded ad on the program notebook provided to all attendees so they can take notes during presentations (and because attendees are always asking us for more paper!).

Snack Pack: $1,500 (exclusive)

Corporate logo on the header of the snack pack of your choice. Provided to all, these 1 oz snacks are the perfect size for attendees to take on the go.

Have an idea of your own?

Call us and we’ll work with you to find a sponsorship opportunity that both supports your goals and the benefits the meeting attendees. We’ve worked on many custom projects at the request of a client, so don’t hesitate to ask!