Discounted Group Rates

Register at least three people from your practice and receive the Practice Plan discount. All staff must be from the same practice and one physician must register with the group to qualify for the group rate.

Download the group registration form or register by calling 1-877-307-5225 ext. 219 or ext. 476

Group Rate – 3+ Attendees 1 Physician (required) and 2+ Nurses or Administrators
Comprehensive Ophthalmologist or Retina Specialist
$1,480 by 5/31/20
$1,530 by 8/31/20
$1,630 by 11/30/20
$1,730 after 11/30/20
Nurses or Administrators

We can  build your team, so you can build  your practice.

Strategize growth together in January to move your practice forward.

  • Comprehensive Ophthalmologists
  • Retina Specialists
  • Nurses and Technicians
  • Administrators and Office Managers

Create a stronger team when you attend Hawaiian Eye and Retina together. Each profession has separate speakers and programs where they discuss relevant advances and perspective tailored to their needs. More than 130 world-renowned surgeons, expert technicians and successful administrators will update your team leaders at the same time, in the same place to share the same vision.

Your team will return home prepared to strategize practice growth and success with the rest of the staff. As new information transmits throughout the office, performance will develop – increasing your trust and their loyalty. Every area of your practice will move forward and this could be your most successful year on record.

You can benefit from the shared educational experience we offer. Register your team today.

Jay S. Duker, MD

Hawaiian Eye and Retina offer a great team building experience. By bringing staff to the meeting, in just one week you can build their fund of knowledge, their loyalty to the practice and the teamwork that it takes to be successful. You'll see an immediate impact on trust and commitment that leads to higher performance levels, which then becomes transmissible to the rest of the office.

Jay S. Duker, MD
Retina Program Director

Jane T. Shuman, MSM, COT, COE, OCS, CMSS, OSC

Technicians and nurses have the opportunity to learn what is new or up and coming in most subspecialty areas of ophthalmology. The casual environment is conducive to the sharing of clinical experiences and networking that stimulates effective group discussions. When additional members of your practice are present for the combined sessions, the whole team can experience a deeper, broader and more relevant outcome.

Jane T. Shuman, MSM, COT, COE, OCS, CMSS, OSC
Hawaiian Eye Nurse and Allied Health Program Director

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD

Our attendance has continued to grow among ophthalmologists, retina specialists, administrators, nurses and allied health professionals. We offer high quality programs for each group with a great faculty and great environment for learning. Hawaiian Eye and Retina occurs in the beginning of the year when everyone's excited to look at new technologies and new ideas together and then sit down and try to plan for the rest of the year. Your practice will definitely benefit from the shared educational experience that we offer.

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD
Hawaiian Eye Comprehensive Ophthalmology Program Director

Candace S. Simerson, COE, CMPE, CAHCM

We bring a number of people from our practice to Hawaiian Eye and Retina every year. It helps to learn the same information at the same time and gain the same vision together. We can then strategize how to lead the practice going forward and communicate to the group at home how to incorporate the necessary changes.

Candace S. Simerson, COE, CMPE, CAHCM
Hawaiian Eye Administrator Program Director