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Mild asthma may not require daily inhaled corticosteroids

May 19, 2019
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As-needed budesonide-formoterol bests albuterol for exacerbation prevention in mild asthma

May 19, 2019
DALLAS — Single combination inhaler treatment with budesonide-formoterol on an as-needed basis, compared with albuterol, more than halved the risk for severe…
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Preoperative albuterol reduces respiratory adverse events after tonsillectomy

May 14, 2019
Children who received albuterol before undergoing tonsillectomy were significantly less likely to experience respiratory adverse events, including laryngospasm and…
FDA News

FDA panel narrowly backs approval of inhaled mannitol for adult cystic fibrosis

May 8, 2019
The FDA’s Pulmonary-Allergy Drugs Advisory Committee today voted 9-7 in favor of approval of the inhaled dry powder formulation of mannitol for management of…
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