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Young black children at increased risk of suicide

May 21, 2018
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Poison control centers see increase in pediatric ADHD medication exposures

May 21, 2018
There was an increase of more than 70% in the overall rate of exposures related to ADHD medication reported to U.S. poison control centers between 2000 and 2011…
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Intense exercise does not slow cognitive impairment in dementia

May 18, 2018
A 4-month, moderate- to high-intensity aerobic and strength exercise training program did not delay cognitive decline in older adults with mild to moderate dementia…

Mental health community prepares for season 2 of ’13 Reasons Why’

May 18, 2018
Last year’s release of “13 Reasons Why,” a Netflix show that depicts the suicide of a teenaged girl and the reasons she believed to be responsible for…
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Domestic Violence 3 Hour: Focus on Child Abuse

This activity is not supported by a commercial educational grant.

This course focuses on child maltreatment, abuse and neglect within the larger context of domestic or family violence…
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Question 26: Which Patients With Fatty Liver Disease On Ultrasound Require A Liver Biopsy?

From Curbside Consultation of the Liver: 49 Clinical Questions
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VIDEO: Choosing the best technologies, mobile apps for your practice

September 19, 2017
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