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Cognitive enhancement therapy benefits adults with autism

February 19, 2018
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Two-minute questionnaire helps detect autism in toddlers

February 19, 2018
The use of a 2-minute parental survey that includes questions regarding their child’s ability to respond to their name, gestures they use to get attention and…
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Sibling bullying increases risk for psychotic disorders threefold

February 16, 2018
Longitudinal study findings indicated that individuals involved in sibling bullying during childhood were up to three times more likely to develop psychotic disorders in…

Q&A: Video game holds promise for future of ADHD treatment

February 15, 2018
More children in the U.S. were being treated for ADHD in 2011 compared with 2007, according to the most recent data from the CDC, with the percentage of children aged 4…
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Domestic Violence 3 Hour: Focus on Child Abuse

This activity is not supported by a commercial educational grant.

This course focuses on child maltreatment, abuse and neglect within the larger context of domestic or family violence…
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Chapter 16: A Rare Cause Of Gastrointestinalbleeding In An Adult

From Complicated Cases in GI
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VIDEO: Emerging treatments for social anxiety disorder

September 16, 2017
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