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Novel oxycodone abuse-deterrent formula effective for chronic pain

September 22, 2017

Oxycodone DETERx ER, an extended-release, abuse-deterrent drug, safely and effectively managed chronic pain in patients with poorly managed pain previously treated with immediate-release oxycodone, according to data presented at PAINWeek.

“Converting patients previously taking immediate-release [IR] opioid medications to extended-release [ER] products is common clinical practice; however, there is little to no scientific literature available that specifically examines it,” Diana Meske, study researcher with Collegium Pharmaceutical, told Healio Internal Medicine. “Collegium believes that it is important to provide clinicians with as much relevant data when considering treatment options, or changes to treatment, for their patients and thus sought to complete a post-hoc analysis of the results from our phase 3 efficacy and safety study used to support approval of [oxycodone DETERx ER (Xtampza ER)].”

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FDA: Patients receiving incorrect Ocaliva dosage, reports of liver injury

September 21, 2017
The FDA released a report today that Ocaliva has been incorrectly prescribed to some patients with moderate to severe liver impairment and may be tied to cases of liver…
FDA News

FDA advises on medication-assisted treatment for individuals taking depressants

September 20, 2017
The FDA today issued a Drug Safety Communication advising that buprenorphine and methadone should not be withheld from individuals receiving benzodiazepines or other…
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Opioid use in breast cancer patients linked to treatment nonadherence

September 20, 2017
Breast cancer patients who use opioids to manage their pain are significantly less likely to adhere to vital adjuvant endocrine therapies and are at a significantly…
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