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Moderate physical activity could prevent one in 12 deaths globally

September 22, 2017

Physical activity of any form — whether a gym workout, walking to work or doing household chores — for 150 minutes per week reduces the risk for mortality and CVD, according to findings published in the Lancet.

“Physical activity has a protective effect against CVD in high-income countries, where physical activity is mainly recreational, but it is not known if this is also observed in lower-income countries, where physical activity is mainly non-recreational,” Scott A. Lear, PhD, from Simon Fraser University and St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, Canada, and colleagues wrote.

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Individualized IBS diets reduce symptoms better than placebo

September 21, 2017
Individualized elimination diets guided by leukocyte activation tests reduced symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome better than a sham diet in a randomized controlled…

When managed properly, vegetarian diets for children a healthy option

September 20, 2017
The potential benefits of a plant-based diet have become increasingly recognized in recent years. In addition to addressing individual health concerns and belief…

WHO drafts global exercise action plan

September 17, 2017
WHO has released a draft of the Global Action Plan on Physical Activity for 2018 to 2030 to address the many health concerns associated with inactivity, according to a…
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Multiple Myeloma Patient Management: Embracing New Advancements, Overcoming New Challenges

Support for this activity has been provided through educational grants from Amgen; Celgene Corporation; Janssen Biotech, Inc., administered by Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC; and Takeda Oncology.

The multiple myeloma clinical landscape has evolved significantly, with not only 10 new drugs but also new staging…
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From Curbside Consultation in Endoscopy: 49 Clinical Questions, Second Edition
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October 20, 2015
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