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Assessment, management tool alleviates cancer-related pain

April 30, 2018
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Hospice referral occurs late in end-stage renal disease

April 30, 2018
In most patients with end-stage renal disease who were treated with hemodialysis, hospice care was received for 3 days or fewer which may translate to higher costs and…
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VIDEO: PCP, patient partnerships lead to successful outcomes in palliative care

April 26, 2018
NEW ORLEANS — A physician-patient partnership in which the patient defines the goal of care sets the stage for a strong relationship and greater compliance in the…
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AAP: Special considerations to be made for pediatric DNRs

April 23, 2018
A clinical report issued by the AAP Sections on Surgery, Anesthesia and Pain Medicine and the AAP Committee on Bioethics have highlighted the important considerations
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