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Nonoperative management of appendicitis offers short-term benefits but long-term risks

November 15, 2018
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Endoscopists who do not wear face shields at risk for infection

November 15, 2018
Physicians and assisting staff who do not wear protective masks during endoscopy are at risk for exposures that could result in the transmission of infectious diseases…
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Thyroid receptor agonist shows sustained response in NASH

November 14, 2018
SAN FRANCISCO — A novel thyroid receptor agonist – MGL-3196 – showed a sustained reduction in liver fat and other markers of nonalcoholic…
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VIDEO: PSC Partners announce new ICD code for primary sclerosing cholangitis

November 14, 2018
SAN FRANCISCO — In this exclusive video perspective from The Liver Meeting 2018, leaders of the PSC Partners organization announce a newly approved ICD-10 code for…
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