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Plant-based diet may be better than PPIs for laryngopharyngeal reflux

September 7, 2017

Patients with laryngopharyngeal reflux who adhered to a plant-based Mediterranean-style diet paired with alkaline water achieved similar or better symptom improvement as those treated with PPIs, according to new research.

“Although effective in some patients, I felt medication couldn’t be the only method to treat reflux and recent studies reporting increased rates of stroke and heart attack, dementia and kidney damage from prolonged PPI use made me more certain,” Craig H. Zalvan, MD, FACS, chief of otolaryngology and medical director of The Institute for Voice and Swallowing Disorders at Northwell Health’s Phelps Hospital, and researcher at the Feinstein Institute, said in a press release. “I did research and saw a lot of studies using plant-based diets to treat patients for many other chronic diseases, so I decided to develop a diet regimen to treat my laryngopharyngeal reflux [LPR] patients. The results we found show we are heading in the right direction to treating reflux without medication.”

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