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FDA approves Merck’s Ebola vaccine, Ervebo

December 20, 2019
Merck’s Ebola vaccine, Ervebo, has been approved by the FDA, the company announced, calling it “another important milestone in the global…

Gavi to fund global stockpile of Ebola vaccines

December 6, 2019
Under a newly approved program, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance announced it will fund a global emergency stockpile of Ebola virus vaccines available to…

WHO ‘concerned’ about potential rise in Ebola cases following attacks

December 5, 2019
Two recent armed attacks targeting Ebola response centers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have jeopardized recent progress made in the…
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Ebola RNA persists for months in breast milk, semen of survivors

November 19, 2019
Study findings demonstrated the long-term presence of Ebola RNA in breast milk and semen samples from survivors of the West African epidemic…
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In a first, WHO prequalifies Merck’s Ebola vaccine

November 12, 2019
One day after winning conditional approval in Europe, Merck’s Ebola vaccine received prequalification status from WHO, giving it the…
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European Union conditionally approves Merck’s Ebola vaccine, Ervebo

November 11, 2019
The European Commission granted conditional approval for Ervebo, Merck’s investigational Ebola virus vaccine, which has been used widely and…
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Ebola, Marburg viruses circulate among bats in India

October 31, 2019
Bats and bat hunters in northeast India carry reactive antibodies to Ebola and Marburg viruses, indicating that the filoviruses circulate among local…

‘Not over the finish line’: Ebola vaccine development remains important

October 28, 2019
The next generation of Ebola vaccines may be able to address deficiencies seen in the first generation, researchers said, highlighting the importance…

WHO: Ebola outbreak still a global public health emergency

October 18, 2019
An emergency committee convened by WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, PhD, MSc, met for a fifth time to review the ongoing Ebola…

DRC to introduce second vaccine in Ebola outbreak

September 23, 2019
WHO confirmed that a second investigational Ebola vaccine will be introduced in the ongoing outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or DRC…