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MERS-CoV: Waiting for Godot for answers

Infectious Disease News, September 2017
Donald Kaye, MD MACP; Majorie P Pollack, MD
The Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome coronavirus, or MERS-CoV, has been responsible for sporadic cases of respiratory illness in the Middle East…

Bacteria from guinea pigs may cause severe pneumonia in people

September 12, 2017
Physicians said bacteria from guinea pigs caused three cases of severe pneumonia in the Netherlands. Writing in The New England Journal of

Experts issue recommendations for reducing antibiotic use in livestock

September 5, 2017
A new report authored by 12 antibiotic resistance experts outlines policy recommendations that aim to address the contribution of antibiotic use in…

Harvey flood victims could face ‘unusual’ infectious disease threats

August 30, 2017
Storm victims in Texas are at an increased risk for infection in the wake of catastrophic flooding caused by Harvey, which may bring them into…

Pet turtles cause multistate outbreak of Salmonella

August 29, 2017
Health officials are investigating an outbreak of Salmonella infections caused by pet turtles. According to the CDC, 37 people in 13 states were…

WHO works to prevent potential outbreaks after mudslides in West Africa

August 21, 2017
WHO and partners are working with health officials in Sierra Leone to prevent the spread of infectious disease and provide ongoing health care for…

Deadly anthrax outbreak in Zambia caused by hippo meat

August 18, 2017
A deadly anthrax outbreak in Zambia was caused by contact with meat from hippopotamuses that had died of the bacterial illness, according to…
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Influenza variant in farm fair pigs infects humans

August 16, 2017
Human influenza viruses developed new variants in pigs before infecting humans again at several Midwest agricultural fairs, according to researchers…

Fleas from two Arizona counties test positive for plague

August 15, 2017
Health officials said fleas from two Arizona counties have tested positive for plague and are asking residents to take precautions to reduce their…
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Sand flies, wild mammals likely to transmit visceral leishmaniasis to dogs in protected areas

July 20, 2017
Sand flies and wild animals sustain a natural infection from visceral leishmaniasis, making household pet exposure near forested and protected areas…