Viral outbreak linked to rats spreads to nine US states, Canada

February 24, 2017
An outbreak of the rodent-borne Seoul virus that was initially reported in Illinois and Wisconsin is suspected to have spread to at least seven other…

CRE from US swine farm poses threat of foodborne transmission

Infectious Disease News, February 2017
Researchers detected carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, at a farrow-to-finish operation in the United States, according to a recently…

India begins outdoor caged trials of genetically modified mosquitoes

January 26, 2017
India launched a project aimed at suppressing the local Aedes aegypti mosquito population by introducing genetically modified mosquitoes, according…
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Implementing vector control strategies in cattle sheds may eliminate malaria in India

January 24, 2017
Although there have been substantial reductions in malaria-related deaths and morbidity in India in recent years, researchers suggested in a study…

CDC investigates Seoul virus outbreak among rat breeders in Illinois, Wisconsin

January 20, 2017
The CDC announced today that it is assisting state health officials in Illinois and Wisconsin to investigate cases of Seoul virus infection among…
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A new ‘dimension’ to infectious disease: Climate change

Infectious Disease News, January 2017
Blacklegged ticks are migrating northward into zones that were previously too cold for their survival, expanding the threat of Lyme disease to new…

WHO reports suspected plague outbreak in Madagascar

January 10, 2017
WHO reported that health officials are currently investigating a suspected outbreak of pneumonic and bubonic plague in the Southeastern region of…
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Land use in China threatens progress against schistosomiasis

December 27, 2016
A half-century of progress fighting schistosomiasis in China is being jeopardized by land-use patterns and landscape connectivity, which are…
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El Niño fueled Zika outbreak in Latin America

December 22, 2016
The Zika virus outbreak in Latin America has “very likely” been fueled by a historically strong El Niño weather phenomenon that…

Investigational vaccine in cattle may prevent F. necrophorum transmission in humans

October 9, 2016
Kansas State University researchers have developed a new vaccine as an antibiotic-free method to prevent the transmission of Fusobacterium