Billions at risk for diseases without safe drinking water, sanitation

July 14, 2017
A global report issued by WHO and UNICEF showed that 2.1 billion people live without access to safe, readily available water and 4.5 billion lack…

Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever spreads to Spain

July 12, 2017
Local transmission of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, or CCHF, has been documented in Spain for the first time, a finding that researchers said

Undercooked walrus meat causes two trichinellosis outbreaks in Alaska

July 12, 2017
State and federal investigators alerted health care providers in Alaska about two outbreaks of trichinellosis that were caused by the consumption of…

Three Gorges Dam decreased rate of schistosomiasis around Chinese lake

July 6, 2017
Ecological changes in one of China’s largest freshwater lakes that were caused by the Three Gorges Dam project have led to a significant…

Five French patients infected with hepatitis E strain found in rabbits

June 22, 2017
In a rare finding, researchers in France discovered five cases of human infection with a hepatitis E virus strain found in rabbits. The researchers…
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CDC’s EIS program molds clinicians into public health professionals

Infectious Disease News, June 2017
The man in the hospital in Puerto Rico had been bitten by a mongoose as he reached inside his backyard chicken coop to retrieve some eggs. The…
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One Health approach essential to controlling public health threats

Infectious Disease News, April 2017
Rocky Mountain spotted fever can be deadly to both humans and dogs, but diagnosing a dog with the tickborne illness does not guarantee that the owner…

What caused the West African Ebola outbreak?

Infectious Disease News, April 2017
The Ebola virus was first recognized as a human pathogen in 1976, when outbreaks of hemorrhagic fever occurred in areas of Sudan and Zaire between…

El Niño causes geographical shift in cholera incidence in Africa

April 11, 2017
El Niño impacts the distribution of cholera in Africa, researchers said, because cases increase in East Africa by up to 50,000 and decrease in other…

ACP: Trump's order on climate change threatens public health

March 29, 2017
The ACP condemned President Donald J. Trump’s executive order on climate change, saying that the order “will have a devastating impact…