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25% of infants exposed to Zika have eye abnormalities

September 24, 2018
Recent findings suggest that approximately one-quarter of infants with suspected or confirmed Zika virus exposure during the 2015-2016 Rio de Janeiro…

Zika causes health concerns in 14% of infants exposed in US territories

August 7, 2018
A report issued by the CDC shows that approximately 14% of infants — or one in seven — infected with Zika virus in utero within U.S…
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Zika may be sexually transmissible for shorter period than previously thought

July 25, 2018
The period during which Zika virus can be sexually transmitted is shorter than was estimated in the earliest studies published after the epidemic…
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Zika still a risk for female travelers

July 16, 2018
Although the prevalence of Zika has declined, it remains an important concern for women of reproductive age; thus, physicians should discuss…
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Higher Zika viral loads associated with timing of symptom onset, specimen type

May 31, 2018
Children and adolescents in Puerto Rico who provided specimens in the form of serum shortly after the onset of symptoms associated with Zika virus
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FDA approves Roche’s new claim for Zika blood test

May 15, 2018
Roche recently announced that its additional claim for the cobas Zika test has been approved by the FDA. The new claim allows for more streamlined…
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Up to 99% of prenatal Zika infections may be prevented with vaccination

April 18, 2018
Approximately 99% of prenatal Zika infections could be avoided through immunization with a vaccine that demonstrates 75% efficacy, according to
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Zika may be infectious in semen for only a few weeks

April 11, 2018
New study findings indicate there is a short period of time that men infected with Zika virus can sexually transmit it to others — perhaps just…

WHO prioritizes ‘Disease X’ in R&D blueprint

February 23, 2018
WHO recently released its annual list of priority diseases with an “urgent need” for accelerated research and development because of…
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Genetic signature of congenital Zika syndrome found in discordant twins

February 12, 2018
Researchers found genetic differences in twins discordant for congenital Zika syndrome that they said may increase susceptibility to complications of…