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Point-of-Care HCV Assays: A Turning Point for Decentralized Diagnosis

HCV Next, July/August 2018
Novel point-of-care hepatitis C tests have advanced the potential for same-day viral diagnosis, which could significantly contribute to global…

Much Ado About (Almost) Nothing: The Impact of PPIs and DAAs

HCV Next, February
Amid the overwhelmingly positive response to direct-acting antivirals post-2011 came a handful of data sets suggesting a negative drug–drug…

HCV on the Transplant List: Weighing Options and Making Clinical Decisions

HCV Next, November 2016
Raymond T Chung, MD
Direct-acting antiviral therapies have had far-reaching consequences in the treatment of hepatitis C, and that has extended to patients awaiting…

Making the Case for Studying Factors Associated With Clearance and Relapse

HCV Next, October 2016
One of the by-products of sustained viral response rates at or above 90% in most populations with hepatitis C is that the very nature of research…

Experts Call for Continued Focus on Genetics, Genomics in DAA Era

HCV Next, September 2016
In an era when ‘special’ populations within hepatitis C — even those with resistance-associated variants — begin to shrink…

CVD Prevention, Treatment Challenging as Patients With HCV, HIV Live Longer

HCV Next, July 2015
Due to successful treatment options, people with hepatitis C virus and HIV are living longer than before. However, these patients are at greater risk…

HCV Genotype 4: A Global Challenge

HCV Next, May 2015
A number of recent studies demonstrated that, when treated with direct-acting antivirals, there were comparable response rates in patients with…

HCV Vaccine: Elegant Solution or Secondary Goal?

HCV Next, April 2015
The quest for a hepatitis C virus vaccine has taken a back seat in the wake of ongoing breakthroughs in direct-acting antiviral therapies. The time…

The Dangers of HCV Transmission: How the Infection Spreads Today

HCV Next, March 2015
Many patients with hepatitis C virus are cured using novel treatments, and many more flood the system due to increased screening protocols, but the…

Breaking Down the Connection Between HCV and Bone Disorders

HCV Next, February 2015
An increasing body of evidence is showing associations between hepatitis C virus and bone disorders such as osteoporosis, low bone mineral density…