Experts discuss the latest news in hepatitis C.


Welcome to the New World Order: A Competitive HCV Drug Marketplace

HCV Next, November/December
Michael S. Saag, MD

Two Approvals Offer Even More Options for HCV Treatment

HCV Next, September/October
Ira M. Jacobson, MD
The approval of two new regimens for treating hepatitis C comes as a very welcome development in the field. It is great news for patients and…

Remember Risk–Benefits of DAAs Still Weigh Heavily on the Benefits

HCV Next, February
A recent report questioning the safety of direct-acting antivirals in the treatment of hepatitis C garnered much attention due to its coverage in the…

HCV Testing Needs Expansion Beyond Baby Boomers

HCV Next, December 2016
By now, many of us have seen the advertisements on television promoting baby boomers getting tested for hepatitis C. In 2012, the CDC officially…

Boxed Warning, HCV Guidelines Give Impetus for HBV Testing, Monitoring

HCV Next, November 2016
Just when HCV therapy seemed as if it has never been more straightforward, we have witnessed the emergence of an unexpected caveat regarding…

Hepatology-Infectious Disease Collaboration Brings Further Breakthrough

HCV Next, October 2016
Late in the month of October and early in the month of November, the Infectious Disease Society of America and the AASLD will hold their national…

Common Global Language may Lead to Progress on Hepatitis Eradication

HCV Next, September 2016
When a global mission is set forth such as the global pledge to eradicate hepatitis by 2030, it is often seen as inactionable language and yet, that…

Universal Testing in an ED Reveals Need for Widespread Implementation

HCV Next, August 2016
The epidemiology of hepatitis C indicates a substantial burden of disease lies within the so-called “Birth Cohort” population, which…

Watching the Dominoes of Restriction Begin to Fall

HCV Next, July 2016
In recent years, the revolution in hepatitis C therapy engendered by interferon-free DAAs brought intense gratification, relief and hope for millions…

2015: The Good The Bad The Ugly

HCV Next, January 2016
After 2014, a year of first implementations of direct-acting antiviral therapies, 2015 brought even more changes and challenges in hepatitis C virus…