• Zoonotic Infections Publication Exclusive
  • Ebola: The zoonotic aspects

  • Infectious Disease News, January
    Arnon Shimshony, DVM
  • When WHO announced the first appearance of a new, fatal emerging disease in Central Africa, the report included the following information: “electron...More »
  • Zoonotic Infections
  • Brucellosis: Endemic and re-emerging zoonosis

  • Infectious Disease News, September
    Arnon Shimshony, DVM
  • During the first week of August, the Syrian Ministry of Health and the WHO Early Warning Alert and Response System reported a significant increase in the...More »
  • Zoonotic Infections
  • Ecology, drivers and dynamics of zoonoses

  • Infectious Disease News, March
    Arnon Shimshony, MD
  • More than 60% of human infectious diseases are caused by pathogens shared with wild or domestic animals. Human pathogens from all taxa contain zoonotic...More »
  • Zoonotic Infections
  • Two confirmed cases of Alkhurma hemorrhagic fever

  • Infectious Disease News, February
    Arnon Shimshony, DVM
  • A 64-year-old man from Italy spent 1 week in a touristic village in southern Egypt during April 2010. On April 29, he visited the famous camel market in...More »