Infectious Diseases in Children


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Zika caused more birth defects in US than expected

One in five US mothers placing infants in unsafe sleep position

Flu widespread in US; no antiviral resistance reported

CHIP funding renewed for 6 years

Experts, AAFP, ACP criticize Trump’s ‘Small Business Health Plan’ proposal

WHO prequalifies first typhoid conjugate vaccine

Sexual intercourse among high school students decreases

At Issue

Six reasons we lack an S. aureus vaccine

Cover Story

Pediatric MRSA faces antibiotic resistance


Hurricanes Irma, Maria pose threat of infectious diseases in US

In the Journals

Medicaid payment bump raised amount of available pediatric appointments

Microcephaly underreported by about 90% before Zika epidemic in Brazil

School-based telemedicine program decreases severity of asthma

Routine HIV screening at age 25 improves clinical outcomes

Minority preterm infants born more frequently in hospitals with high morbidity, mortality rates

Preschool children with obesity, asthma benefit from inhaled corticosteroids

Preterm birth, poverty independently associated with cognitive assessment deficits

Pediatric eye injuries related to nonpowder guns increase nearly 170%

Rhinovirus affects bacterial infection risk as infants age

Cesareans increase risk for offspring complications, decrease risk for maternal complications

Viral suppression in HIV–positive teens, young women in Africa far below UNAIDS target

Budesonide for preterm infants unrelated to neurodevelopmental disability

Obesity in children with psoriasis contributes to comorbidities

Adolescents engaging in online tobacco marketing more likely to use tobacco

Financial incentives for breast-feeding slightly increase prevalence

Teenage cannabis, cigarette use may heighten risk for later psychosis

Despite progress made in polio eradication, initiative phaseout poses threat to at-risk countries

In the Journals Plus

Severe influenza greater burden in LMICs than in wealthier countries

Breathing can transmit flu, study finds

Positive LAM results predict mortality in children with HIV

Spot the Rash

A 6-year-old male with rash on the legs

Aditi Murthy, MD; Marissa J Perman, MD

What's Your Diagnosis?

10-year-old female presents with severe respiratory distress

James H Brien, DO; Theresa Madigan, MD