Infectious Diseases in Children


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XDR typhoid infections in 5 US children tied to Pakistan outbreak

Repeated IIV may increase protection

25% of children with celiac disease lost to follow-up

70% of infants given antibiotics for bronchiolitis had no bacterial coinfection

High opioid prescription rates tied to gastroschisis

WHO, UNICEF: ‘Far from our goal of reducing newborn deaths’

Multiple-victim school-associated homicides on the rise

WHO: Refugees, migrants pose low infectious disease risk

Viral, bacterial diagnostics bolster antimicrobial stewardship

At Issue

Which STDs most require a vaccine?

Which STDs are in greatest need of a vaccine?

Cover Story

‘Everyone has a role to play’ in addressing the STD crisis

In the Journals

Rate of late-onset GBS in infants surpasses early-onset cases

Pediatric corticosteroid use increases with poor asthma control documentation

Opioid-related deaths increase nearly 300% in kids, teens

New saliva-based test identifies malaria parasites

Study finds conversion from IV to oral antibiotics should be prioritized

Flavored tobacco use among US youth rebounds after brief dip

Flavored levofloxacin more easily accepted by kids with MDR-TB

1 in 5 kids with flu had neurological symptoms during 2016-2017 season

Contaminated tea dispenser causes MBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae outbreak

Children often receive inappropriate antibiotics in nonpediatric EDs

Chemicals used in personal care products linked to early puberty in girls

Benefits of FENO-guided asthma management passes from mother to child

AAP, ACIP’s previous FluMist recommendations supported by 2013-2016 data

Viral pathogen presence changes during course of acute sinusitis symptoms

Severe flu in pregnant women linked to adverse infant outcomes

Rotavirus vaccination protects against type 1 diabetes in kids

Spot the Rash

12-year-old healthy female athlete presents with mole on heel

Colleen H. Cotton, MD; Marissa J. Perman, MD

What's Your Diagnosis?

16-year-old male athlete presents with skin sores on lower extremities

James H. Brien, DO