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Ibuprofen alone not recommended for uncomplicated UTIs

Hotel pools cause many swimming-related disease outbreaks

Fungal vaccine reduces episodes of recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis

Invasive aspergillosis, although rare, increases hospital mortality, readmission rates

Methamphetamine use may accelerate HIV progression

‘Lab on a chip’ platform detects disease antibodies in minutes

Journal retracts controversial paper questioning safety of HPV vaccine

Automated surveillance for VAEs more accurate, curtails human error

ART regimens containing tenofovir appear not to increase birth risks

Air pollution kills 7 million people each year, many from pneumonia

Community-based programs may lower odds of helminth infection

ECDC releases guidance to address XDR gonorrhea threat

Did bacterial meningitis cause Helen Keller’s deafblindness?

Congo faces 9th Ebola outbreak with new tools, including vaccine

Researchers question value of screening blood supply for Zika

Silver-plated dressings significantly reduce CLABSI rates

PCPs often prescribe PrEP before ordering HIV testing

Reports reveal misconceptions about STIs among patients, clinicians

Researchers engineer shrub to produce more artemisinin

Probiotics may be ‘viable strategy’ for CDI prevention

‘Ultrasensitive’ C. difficile assay outperforms current testing options

New Canadian guideline expands HCV screening to baby boomers

1 in 5 patients with gonorrhea gets wrong treatment

Study participants, investigators commended for advancing HIV vaccine research

Oldest evidence of HBV found in 4,500-year-old human remains

At Issue

Is it acceptable to intentionally expose a transplant recipient to infection?

Cover Story

Transplant ID: An emerging subspecialty


I owe Ted Eickhoff a debt I can never repay

James H Brien, DO

Eye on ID

Finally, new drugs for bad bugs: What’s available and what’s in the pipeline

Keith S Kaye, MD, MPH; Owen Albin, MD; Twisha S Patel, PharmD, BCPS


Many health departments unprepared for sharp rise in vector-borne diseases

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HPV vaccine follow-through rates decline sharply

Procalcitonin-based guidance fails to significantly reduce antibiotic use

Model predicts new H3N2 flu vaccine component will be just as ineffective

Meeting News

Large C. auris outbreak in UK ICU linked to thermometers

Mold exposure prevention key after natural disaster

Probiotic supplement reduces antibiotic resistance genes in infants

Iclaprim safe, potentially cost-effective for ABSSSIs

West Nile virus re-emerges in Greece

Data do not support piperacillin-tazobactam for drug-resistant BSIs

Unnecessary antibiotic use in patients with asthma may increase hospital stay, cost

Pharmacology Consult

Approaches to C. difficile prevention: Where are we now?

Ashley Cubillos, PharmD, BCPS; Erin Weslander, PharmD; Kimberly Boeser, PharmD, MPH, BCPS-AQ ID