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Experimental HIV vaccine unsuccessful in preventing HIV

Trump appoints Pence to lead US response to COVID-19

Lockdowns in China threaten access to HIV medicine, survey finds

At Issue

Should states publicize names of hospitals that have treated patients with C. auris?

Cover Story

C. auris endures, raising questions about surveillance, reporting


NTM lung disease: Assessment and determining course of treatment

Wendi Drummond, DO

Eye on ID

Botulism: A rare, life-threatening illness

Donald Kaye, MD, MACP

FDA News

FDA approves pandemic H5N1 flu vaccine Audenz


Online misinformation about coronavirus part of a larger, ‘deep-seated problem’

Proposed US budget cuts could have ‘disastrous’ effect on global health

Study shows benefits of treating opioid addiction, HCV at same time

Q&A: HELP Act would repay loans for HIV workforce

Q&A: CDC updates latent TB recommendations for first time in 20 years

Hooked on ID

Hooked on ID with Jennifer Ross, PharmD

In the Journals

Bacteria cause majority of infections in first year after solid organ transplant

Trial for MRSA combination therapy discontinued over safety concerns

Triplex vaccine reduces CMV complications in stem cell transplant recipients

Trivalent and quadrivalent vaccines offer similar protection against flu B illness

Small study shows no vertical transmission of novel coronavirus

MRSA spreads easily in household environments

Less than a quarter of adolescent MSM have ever been tested for HIV

HIV prevention programs tailored to blacks crucial for reducing related disparities

Flu vaccine 45% effective in US, 55% effective in children, early estimates show

Few adolescents with HIV achieve viral suppression within 5 months

EMR ‘nudge’ decreases inappropriate hospital C. difficile testing

Empiric anti-MRSA therapy not associated with reduced mortality in pneumonia patients

Despite introduction of PCVs, meningitis rates remain steady

Delayed diagnosis of M. marinum infections leads to more complicated disease

Data show no effect on mortality from procalcitonin-based guidance

Close contact with pets reduces risk for recurrent CDI

Birth defects linked to macrolide use during pregnancy

Life expectancy improves for HCV patients in interferon-free era

Zika-exposed infants without congenital Zika syndrome at risk for abnormal neurodevelopment

Pharmacology Consult

To treat or not to treat: Anaerobes in aspiration pneumonia

Jeff Brock, PharmD, MBA, BCPS-AQ ID