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Merck’s 15-valent pneumococcal vaccine noninferior to PCV13

Drug-free MRSA treatment to be tested in clinical studies

No benefit in longer treatment for SSTIs in patients with obesity, heart failure

NIH pledges over $41 million for STI vaccine research

Nearly all kids with AFM in 2018 had prior viral illness, CDC says

Multistate outbreak of valley fever traced to service trips in Mexico

Most injection drug users in 8 US cities have been infected with HCV

Connectivity of urban parks contributes to spread of ticks

Rotavirus vaccine uptake too low in US

DNA-based PCR test accurately predicts antibiotic resistance

Trial evaluates long-acting ART in patients unable to adhere to treatment

IV antibiotics associated with worse outcomes in patients with heart failure

Dedicating staff hours for infection prevention and control improves stewardship in nursing homes

NYC health care facilities reduce risk for measles exposures

In a first, engineered phages used to treat teen’s mycobacterial infection

ID telemedicine ‘a win for all involved’ at one remote hospital

Each day of S. aureus bacteremia increases mortality risk by 16%

Vaccine reduces HPV prevalence among teen girls by 86% in 10 years

Health care personnel should not be screened yearly for TB, guidelines say

Gilead agrees to donate HIV PrEP for up to 200K people a year

FDA rejects approval of Nabriva’s Contepo over manufacturing concerns

FDA approves Dengvaxia for dengue prevention in children

Extragenital STDs prevalent among MSM recruited in nonclinical settings

EMR tool reduces C. difficile testing, antibiotic overtreatment

EHR alert significantly reduces inappropriate gastrointestinal testing

Eliminating contamination from hospital transfers could reduce CDI cases by 13%

Subclinical findings may explain heart failure risk in women with HIV

S. aureus bacteremia: Not a ‘static’ syndrome

Universal gloving may offer small protective effect against HAIs

Adding corticosteroids to antibiotics cut community-acquired pneumonia treatment costs

Older age, respiratory symptoms indicate Nipah virus infectivity

SSI rates differ by sex, procedures

‘We have a problem’: Experts highlight racial disparities in flu vaccination coverage

Antibiotic exposure identified as risk factor for community-acquired CDI in children

WHO launches malaria vaccine program in 3 African countries

Seqirus makes plans to transition to cell-based flu vaccine

Transgender women have similar rates of viral suppression as cisgender patients

Racial disparities in HIV prevention persist among women

Antimicrobial prophylaxis halts GAS outbreak in children’s shelter

Prophylactic oral vancomycin does not consistently reduce risk for CDI relapse

Baseline genotype testing at HIV diagnosis not cost-effective

WHO panel recommends expanded Ebola vaccination in Congo

PARTNER2: ART prevents HIV transmission among gay couples

Chlorhexidine for meatal cleaning before catheterization prevents ASB, UTIs

US saw increase in most foodborne infections in 2018

5 Questions

Q&A: Battling HIV PrEP stigma

At Issue

Is the world due for an influenza pandemic?

Cover Story

‘Common-sense’ precautions reduce risk for variant flu at fairs


Time to get it right: Consequences of mislabeled penicillin allergies

Lisa Infanti, PharmD

Eye on ID

ID laboratory stewardship: A concept in need of implementation

Larry M. Bush, MD, FACP; Donald Kaye, MD, MACP


Drug prices on TV ‘a step in the right direction’

Hooked on ID

with Joseph D. Cooper, MD

In the Journals

23-year study shows treatment barriers faced by some women with HIV

Smartphone app identifies ear infections in children

Placards do not improve hand hygiene adherence

Outside temperature impacts MDRO incidence in climate-controlled ICUs

No advantage in treating men with UTIs for more than 7 days

Mandatory school vaccination could keep measles at bay, study suggests

XDRO registry could reduce spread of CRE, ‘even with modest participation’

Clinical characteristics predict presence of candidemia in patients with candiduria

Meeting News

Norovirus outbreak sickened hundreds at California wildfire shelters

Legionellosis cluster at horse racetrack traced to hot tub

Large shigellosis outbreak at wedding linked to asparagus

Superbug infections in 17 states linked to weight loss surgeries in Mexico

Investigators use data from Lyft, Uber to search for measles cases

Increase in Colorado tick fever cases suggest virus is enzootic in Oregon

VIDEO: First legionellosis outbreak in New Hampshire in more than 50 years

NYC monitors patients colonized with C. auris upon their release

HCV transmission among ED patients result of illegal drug diversion

VIDEO: Partnering with police to stop a wound botulism outbreak

VIDEO: Pneumococcal disease outbreak strikes Alabama prison

VIDEO: Multistate outbreak of M. fortuitum linked to vaccine mishandling

Pharmacology Consult

The good, bad and unnecessary prescribing of oral vancomycin prophylaxis in immunosuppressed patients

Jennifer Ross, PharmD; Kimberly D. Boeser, PharmD, MPH, BCIDP