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1 in 10 children missed lifesaving vaccines in 2018

Syphilis cases reach all-time high in Europe, up 70% in 7 years

NIH launches delamanid trial for MDR-TB prevention

Migrants detained at border will not be vaccinated against flu

Core stewardship intervention feasible at community hospitals

Q&A: FMT for fecal decolonization of antibiotic-resistant organisms

Q&A: Insights from recreating the 1918 flu virus

6 treatments per year? Injectable HIV regimen effective when given every 2 months

Two of four Ebola treatments prove effective in DRC trial

UK loses measles-free status; US on the brink

CDC OKs new two-tier testing algorithm for Lyme disease

At Issue

What are the world’s top vaccine priorities?

Which norovirus vaccine candidate or approach holds the most promise?

Cover Story

Norovirus vaccine development accelerates after success against rotavirus


Developing new-generation antibiotics to curb antibiotic resistance

Farokh Dotiwala, MBBS, PhD

Eye on ID

Nipah virus: Going from bat to worse

Donald Kaye, MD, MACP; Thomas M. Yuill, PhD

FDA News

FDA approves Nabriva’s Xenleta to treat CABP in adults

Pretomanid, first TB drug developed by non-profit, gets FDA approval for resistant infections


Infections linked to thawing show importance of Arctic surveillance

Hooked on ID

with Raghavendra Tirupathi, MD, FACP

In the Journals

Infants ‘naturally immunized’ against toxigenic C. difficile

Investigation links outbreak of S. paucimobilis bacteremia to drug diversion

Malaria vaccine protects against severe malaria 7 years after vaccination

MERS-CoV vaccine shows promise in phase 1 trial

New findings provide additional evidence of AFM, enterovirus link

Novel skin antiseptic ZuraGard matches efficacy of ChloraPrep

One-third of children exposed to Zika in utero show neurological problems

Opportunity for collaboration: ASPs and palliative care providers

Patients treated for TB experience higher mortality than general population

Pharmacist-led program a feasible strategy for PrEP uptake

Pneumocystis pneumonia prophylaxis guidelines would be ‘helpful,’ ID docs say

Poor outcomes, unidentified causes still common in encephalitis cases

Procalcitonin-guided ASP recommendations shorten antibiotic therapy at community hospital

Researchers predict 60% of globe will be at risk for dengue by 2080

RSV burden extends beyond 5 years after acute infection

Secondary syphilis more common in MSM who practice receptive anal intercourse

Teen HPV vaccine uptake increases with provider recommendation

‘Unexpected’: Centers following CDC framework use more of certain antibiotics

Inappropriate urine culture practices contribute to overdiagnosis of CAUTIs

Hospital-acquired C. difficile linked to higher costs, longer stay

Incidence of West Nile virus neuroinvasive disease increased 25% in 2018

Herd immunity drives down invasive pneumococcal disease in adults

‘5 Moments of Antimicrobial Prescribing’ metric increases prescribing appropriateness

16% of patients with antimicrobial-resistant bacteria do not have prior antimicrobial exposure

33% of animal-use probiotics contain pathogens; spillover to humans documented

Accounting for presence of concurrent central lines decreases CLABSI rates

‘All the characteristics’: Hepatitis E is a neglected tropical disease, experts say

Antimicrobial stewardship teams, ID consults reduce S. aureus bacteremia

Around 1,500 MERS cases, 500 deaths averted since 2016

ART does not affect vaginal microbiome, study suggests

Bacterial species in vaginal microbiota may increase risk for T. vaginalis

Bednet monitor shows families’ irregular use of malaria prevention strategy

C. trachomatis may raise risk for precancerous anal lesions in patients with HIV

Automated EMR tool improves antimicrobial stewardship

Chlamydia vaccine shows promise in phase 1 trial

Clinical uptake of new anti-CRE agents ‘steady but slow’

Global warming may have contributed to emergence of C. auris

Dolutegravir-based regimens noninferior to standard HIV care, studies show

Drug-resistant malaria spreads in Asia, prompting calls for new treatments

CDI incidence rising in veterans under age 65, VA data show

EHRs can help identify potential PrEP candidates

Electronic hand hygiene monitoring systems ‘vary substantially’

Flu vaccine associated with reduced risk for death, stroke in elderly ICU survivors

Meeting News

HOPE trial: Dapivirine vaginal ring reduces HIV risk by estimated 39%

Merck evaluating novel HIV drug as implant for long-lasting PrEP

Pharmacology Consult

Preventing and treating flu in immunocompromised patients: 2019-2020 update

Selena Warminski, PharmD; Leah Molloy, PharmD