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Antiseptic prevents therapy dogs from spreading MRSA among pediatric cancer patients

CDC committee recommends routine hepatitis A vaccination in homeless

Gram-negative infections at IDWeek: New FDA approvals, new treatment data

Insufficient evidence to recommend Ebola vaccine for pregnant women, WHO advisory group says

At Issue

Is the US opioid epidemic affecting HCV rates among incarcerated people?

Cover Story

HCV prevalent among US inmates; most are not getting the cure


Fluoroquinolone safety labeling changes: An opportunity for physicians to reassess

Debra E Boxwell, PharmD

Eye on ID

Ebola: At last, promising agents for prevention and therapy

Donald Kaye, MD, MACP; Thomas M Yuill, PhD

FDA News

FDA expands approval of Gardasil 9 for adults aged 27 to 45 years


Can the CUBE isolation unit be of use in the US?

Donald Kaye, MD, MACP; Keith S Kaye, MD, MPH

Compensation for ID physicians ‘not a simple issue to fix’

In the Journals Plus

PrEP roll-out in Australia led to rapid decline in new HIV infections

Prevalence of health care-associated infections falls to 3.2% in US

Vaccination reduces flu-related hospitalization risk in pregnant women by 40%

Fluorescent imaging probe quickly detects gram-negative bacteria in lungs

Seasonal flu vaccine does not significantly impact efficacy of pandemic vaccine

Mosquito traps that mimic humans, cattle have ‘great potential’ for malaria control

Smartphone-based assay diagnoses UTIs at point of care

Ceftolozane-tazobactam effectively treats MDR P. aeruginosa infections

C. difficile survives commercial laundering of hospital bedsheets

Auto-FMT successful in patients undergoing stem cell transplantation

Sunlight may kill dust-dwelling bacteria

Making the case for pharmacist-administered penicillin skin test

Meeting News

Study finds no link between neurocognitive impairment, depression in HIV patients

Study spotlights sex differences in achievement and rank in ID faculty

Rates of chlamydial conjunctivitis drop after CDC screening recommendations

Teens with opioid use disorders infrequently screened for HCV, HIV

Sepsis surveillance limited by variations in claims data

20% of outpatient antibiotics prescribed without a patient visit

LEAP 2 study demonstrates safety, efficacy of oral lefamulin for CABP

Efavirenz exposure increases risk of neurological conditions in infants

Dogs sniff out malaria in children’s socks

Daptomycin, fosfomycin combination more effective against MRSA

Cidara’s novel antifungal shows promise in phase 2 study

Adjuvanted flu vaccine may reduce hospitalization risk in nursing home residents

WhatsApp alert improves real-time antimicrobial stewardship program

Pharmacology Consult

Optimizing treatment for patients with staph bacteremia

Jeff Brock, PharmD, MBA, BCPS AQ-ID