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More evidence shows Sustiva increases risk for suicidal behavior

Mass antibiotic dosing reduces child mortality in sub-Saharan Africa

Menopause worsens fatigue, muscle aches in women with HIV

Nearly all new nonsusceptible A. baumannii cases health care related

Patients with Buruli ulcer benefit by delaying surgery decision

New regimens better for HIV-associated cryptococcal meningitis

New app recommends strategies for integrating disease control programs

Gepotidacin shows promise against gonorrhea in phase 2 trial

HCV prevalence in baby boomers 6% in small NJ city ED

Albendazole improves stamina of women farmers with hookworm

CDC recommends Coartem for pregnant women with malaria

IDSA survey reveals lower salaries, gender inequality

Ivermectin shows promise as antimalaria tool

HIV testing in South African ED reveals high burden of undiagnosed infections

ID specialist consultation lowers mortality from some MDROs

Trained rats more successful in diagnosing TB than standard tests

Proximity to sick airplane passenger greatly increases risk for infection

Study explores risk factors for household Ebola transmission

SAGE backs recommendation to limit dengue vaccination

Short-course AmBisome effective against persistent leishmaniasis

Zika may be infectious in semen for only a few weeks

Unrestricted access to DAAs nearly eliminates HCV in Australian prison

Pertussis vaccine, although effective, offers less protection over time

Preprint research underused in disease outbreaks

At Issue

Old vs. new: Choosing the right treatment for bacterial infections in children

Cover Story

ID treatment in children: Slow to evolve, impossible to ignore


Malaria in 2018: A glass half full

Philip J Rosenthal, MD

Eye on ID

Diphtheria: The disease that shouldn’t be

Donald Kaye, MD, MACP; Matthew E Levison, MD, FACP


FDA draft guidance on drug compounding may limit access to affordable medications

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HPV vaccine lacks efficacy in adults with HIV

Short-term exposure to air pollution particles causes respiratory infections

Used socks reveal odor that attracts mosquitoes to malaria patients

Meeting News

Rural US counties with active HIV transmission lack prevention services

Rare tick-borne disease found in Austin-area caves

Patient-specific antibiograms can improve antibiotic susceptibility predictions

RESTORE-IMI 1: Phase 3 data support use of relebactam for CRE

Patients with chronic HCV at higher risk for ICD-10-classified diseases

HCV point-of-care diagnostics remove barriers to care

2 million more flu cases could be avoided by hitting national target

Pharmacology Consult

Preventing meningococcal disease in patients receiving Soliris

Leah Molloy, PharmD