CDC's Annual Epidemic Intelligence Service Conference

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E. coli outbreak in Marine recruits associated with undercooked beef

April 24, 2018
ATLANTA — An outbreak of Escherichia coli that sickened hundreds of Marine Corps recruits in San Diego last year was significantly associated…
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VIDEO: E. coli outbreak in rural community linked to bull manure

April 22, 2018
ATLANTA — In this video from the CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service conference, Vikram Krishnasamy, MD, MPH, EIS officer in the…
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VIDEO: Index patient in Minnesota MDR-TB outbreak was infectious for 5 years

April 21, 2018
ATLANTA — In this video from the CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service conference, Victoria Hall, DVM, MS, EIS officer in the Minnesota…
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Investigators may have stopped norovirus outbreak at Pennsylvania festival

April 20, 2018
An investigation of an outbreak of acute gastrointestinal illness among attendees of three outdoor festivals in Pennsylvania last year revealed that…
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Mold exposure prevention key after natural disaster

April 19, 2018
More than a third of immunocompromised individuals in the Houston area participated in cleanup activities after Hurricane Harvey last year that could…
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Rural US counties with active HIV transmission lack prevention services

April 18, 2018
HIV prevention services such as pre-exposure prophylaxis and harm-reduction programs were offered in only about one-quarter of rural West Virginian…
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Rare tick-borne disease found in Austin-area caves

April 18, 2018
A rare tick-borne disease commonly associated with sleeping in rustic mountain cabins has shown up in caves around Austin, Texas, potentially placing…
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2 million more flu cases could be avoided by hitting national target

April 17, 2018
Almost 2 million additional cases of influenza could have been averted last season if 70% of Americans got the vaccine — a national target for…
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B. cepacia outbreak in nursing facilities traced to saline flushes

May 2, 2017
ATLANTA — An outbreak of Burkholderia cepacia spanning five states was traced to contaminated saline flushes, according to researchers. The…
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Veterinarian in NYC contracts avian influenza from cat

May 2, 2017
ATLANTA — A veterinarian in New York City was the first person in the United States to contract an avian influenza A virus from a cat…

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Annual Epidemic Intelligence Service Conference

April 16, 2018 - April 19, 2018