Chronic hepatitis B on the rise in Europe as acute cases decline

June 24, 2019
While most countries in the European Union and the European Economic Area have reported a decline in acute hepatitis B rates over the last decade…

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Universal pregnancy screening for HCV could eliminate transmission in Canada

June 18, 2019
In a recently published commentary, Chelsea Elwood, MD, from the University of British Columbia, and colleagues advised that Canadian guidelines…

Hooked on ID

with Joseph D. Cooper, MD

Infectious Disease News, June 2019
It was my first week of intern year, in the medical ICU. He presented in extremis and died within 90 minutes. He was reportedly bitten by his dog 3…

Pharmacology Consult

The good, bad and unnecessary prescribing of oral vancomycin prophylaxis in immunosuppressed patients

Infectious Disease News, June 2019
Jennifer Ross, PharmD; Kimberly D. Boeser, PharmD, MPH, BCIDP
Clostridioides difficile infection, or CDI, continues to be a significant pathogen in both hospitals and community-based settings. The associated…

Eye on ID

ID laboratory stewardship: A concept in need of implementation

Infectious Disease News, June 2019
Larry M. Bush, MD, FACP; Donald Kaye, MD, MACP
Today we have access to a multitude of new and novel medications, biologic agents, medical devices, imaging modalities, and surgical and nonsurgical…

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HCV treatment with Epclusa safe in patients undergoing dialysis for ESRD

June 14, 2019
Although not currently licensed for patients undergoing dialysis for severe renal impairment, researchers found that treatment with Epclusa for…


FDA issues safety alert on fecal transplants after patient dies

June 14, 2019
Two adults with weakened immune systems who received investigational fecal microbiota transplantations developed invasive infections caused by…

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Parkinson’s disease rates lower in patients treated vs. untreated for HCV

June 10, 2019
Patients who received interferon-based antiviral therapy for chronic hepatitis C had a significantly lower incidence rate of Parkinson’s…

5 stories for the first World Food Safety Day

June 7, 2019
Today, June 7, marks the first U.N. World Food Safety Day. According to WHO, contaminated food sickens nearly one in 10 people worldwide, or roughly…

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Phase 2 study shows promising results for C. difficile vaccine

June 3, 2019
An investigational vaccine for the prevention of Clostridioides difficile infection was safe, well-tolerated and immunogenic in healthy adults aged…

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Multifacility prevention initiative reduces monthly CDI rates by 4%

June 3, 2019
A multifacility collaborative initiative implemented among acute-care hospitals in Orange County, California, resulted in a statistically significant…

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Novel vaccine with Viread induces T cell immune response in chronic HBV

May 31, 2019
Researchers found that treatment with a combination of Viread and GS-4774, a yeast-based therapeutic vaccine, increased hepatitis B-specific T cell…

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Few ID physicians screen patients for asymptomatic C. difficile

May 30, 2019
Infectious disease physicians in the United States do not commonly screen patients for asymptomatic carriage of Clostridioides difficile, according…

Gilead Canada awards 11 grants to HCV micro-elimination programs

May 29, 2019
Gilead Sciences Canada awarded a series of HCV Micro-Elimination Grants to 11 organizations focused on identifying individuals with hepatitis C in…

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Common polymorphism responsible for HCV genotype 3 resistance to Sovaldi

May 28, 2019
Researchers identified a common polymorphism and a rare variant combination in hepatitis C genotype 3 that are responsible for a reduced response to…

More than 800,000 cholera vaccines to be given in Congo, WHO says

May 28, 2019
WHO announced today that it has partnered with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or DRC, Ministry of Health to provide more than 800,000 people…

Hooked on ID

with Cassandra Calabrese, DO

Infectious Disease News, May 2019
My path toward the field of infectious diseases was a bit winding. My love for immunology began at a young age. I was inspired to become an…

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Triclabendazole MDA ‘virtually’ eradicates human fascioliasis in Bolivia

May 20, 2019
Researchers who planned a Fasciola treatment trial in 2017 with triclabendazole, or TCBZ, in the Bolivia Altiplano — a region previously known…

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EMR tool reduces C. difficile testing, antibiotic overtreatment

May 13, 2019
An electronic medical record-based decision support matrix implemented as a stewardship intervention reduced the frequency of Clostridioides

RedHill Biopharma submits NDA for H. pylori therapy

May 10, 2019
RedHill Biopharma announced that it has submitted a new drug application to the FDA for Talicia to treat H. pylori infection. The company said in a…