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FDA approves Nuzyra for treating adults with CABP, ABSSSIs

FDA approves Nuzyra for treating adults with CABP, ABSSSIs
October 3, 2018
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Multidrug-resistant S. epidermis spreads in hospitals

September 28, 2018
Multidrug-resistant lineages of Staphylococcus epidermis are spreading globally in hospitals, turning the common human skin colonizer into a “formidable…
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Risk factors for orofacial gangrene include certain feeding practices

August 26, 2018
Researchers studied dozens of cases of noma, an orofacial gangrenous infection, and found that aspects of a patient’s home life, including their diet, could be…

Tribute to Ted Eickhoff: Infectious disease practitioners as public health advocates

Infectious Disease News, August 2018
Kathleen F Gensheimer, MD MPH FIDSA
Ted Eickhoff understood the intersection of public health and the infectious disease practitioner, effectively using his editorial pulpit at Infectious Disease News
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HIV/AIDS 1 Hour Update For Florida Health Professionals

No commercial support for this activity.

This is a 1 hour activity designed for home study by healthcare clinicians. Specifically, it meets the 1 hour HIV/AIDS…
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IDSA, ASM update lab diagnosis guide

June 28, 2018
The Infectious Disease Society of America and the American Society for Microbiology released an updated guide designed…
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VIDEO: More women than men present at CROI

March 8, 2018
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