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Global survey shows progress, gaps in antimicrobial resistance efforts

July 18, 2018
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Janssen receives FDA approval for Symtuza

July 18, 2018
Janssen announced that it has received FDA approval for Symtuza, a once-daily, single-tablet, darunavir-based HIV-1 regimen for treatment-naive and certain virologically…
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FDA expands Intelence label to include young children with HIV

July 18, 2018
The FDA has approved labeling changes for Intelence to expand treatment for HIV-infected patents aged 2 to 6 years and weighing at least 10 kg. The dose for Intelence…
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Tdap during pregnancy results in blunted immune response in infants

July 18, 2018
Immunizing pregnant women with Tdap protects newborn infants against pertussis, but a study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases demonstrated that by 12 months…
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Free testing, drug discounts improve use of ACTs for malaria

July 17, 2018
In western Kenya, a community-based intervention that included free malaria testing and discounts on artemisinin-based combination therapies for patients who tested…
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HIV Curbside Consults – Volume II: Navigating Through Drug Interactions in HIV Treatment

This activity is supported by an educational grant from ViiV Healthcare.

Drug interactions must be considered in patients treated for comorbidities. Drs Charles Hicks, MD and Richard Elion, MD…
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Summertime fun and dangers

Infectious Diseases in Children, July 2018
Edward A Bell, PharmD, BCPS
Summer is officially here, children are out of school, and summertime outdoor fun is beginning. Unfortunately…
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VIDEO: Predicting climate change’s impact on ID requires multidisciplinary approach

June 10, 2018
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