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Cover Story

Stem Cell Therapy: Preparing for its Closeup in IBD

Drug/Device Pipeline

FDA Urges Move to Duodenoscopes With Disposable Components

First Patient Dosed in GI Disorder-associated Pain Trial


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: IBD Stem Cell Therapy Needs Us All

Edward V. Loftus Jr., MD

Healio Hot Topic

Coming Soon: NASH Treatment Approaching the Horizon

Stephen A. Harrison, MD

Spotting NASH Starts With Simple Calculations

Monica Tincopa, MD, MSc

Q&A: NASH Intervention Requires Mutual Learning Between Specialties

In the Journals

CRC Incidence Among Younger US Adults Continues to Rise

‘Major Leap:’ Test Reduces Unnecessary Surgery for Pancreatic Cysts

Gastric Cancer Risk Factors in Patients With Lynch Syndrome Identified

Combination Therapy Use Unchanged in IBD Despite Benefits

Colorectal Cancer on the Rise Among Younger Canadians

Meeting News

VIDEO: Options Physicians Can Use to Manage Practice Foundation, Contracts

Oral FMT With Antibiotics Does Not Improve Symptoms of IBS-D

VIDEO: For Physicians, Retirement is a ‘Process, Not an Event’

VIDEO: ‘Good, Bad News’ for the Future of CRC Screening

VIDEO: Leading a GI Team With Lessons From Business

Trend Watch

Guest Commentary: My Wedding During DDW Shows Positive Work-life Balance is Possible

Q&A: Can a Plant-based Formula Improve Gastroparesis Symptoms?

FDA Revises Draft Guidance on Clinical Evaluation of Gastroparesis Drugs

Cleaning up an Image: The Crusade to Rename Fecal Microbiota Transplant

‘Why not me?’ – Bringing Women into View of the Advanced Endoscopy Suite