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Cover Story

Defining the Roadmap to Success for Patients With Alcohol-Related Liver Disease

Drug/Device Pipeline

FDA Permits Marketing of First IBS Device for Patients 11 to 18 Years Old

EndoGastric Solutions Raises $45M for GERD Procedure

Device to Improve Cleansing for Colonoscopy Receives FDA Clearance

Guest Editorial

Addressing Problematic Drinking in Liver Disease by ‘Opening the Conversation’

In the Journals

Undersampling 'Concerning' in Barrett’s Screening

Statin use Linked to Reduced Colorectal Cancer Mortality

Multifacility Prevention Initiative Reduces Monthly CDI Rates by 4%

'Welcomed News' of PPIs Long-term Safety Reported

Constipation May Need to be Redefined to Meet Public Perception

Meeting News

TNF Inhibitor use Prior to IBD Surgery Does not Increase Postoperative Infection Risks

Hemoclips may not Reduce Post-polypectomy Bleeding

VIDEO: Stem Cell Therapy for IBD Safe, Effective but Faces Costly Limitations

VIDEO: Stool-based Colon Cancer Tests may be Effective Between Scheduled Colonoscopies

Oral Vancomycin Induces, Maintains Remission of UC in Patients With UC-PSC

'Reassuring' Data on Late Remicade Discontinuation in Pregnancy

Cold Snare With Continuous Anticoagulants Does not Increase Bleeding in Small Polypectomies

VIDEO: Positioning IBD Therapy Depends on Multiple Factors

Crohn's Disease Exclusion Diet Well-tolerated in Children

VIDEO: Novel Therapies Needed for Crohn's Stricturing

VARSITY: Entyvio Bests Humira in Ulcerative Colitis

VIDEO: Crash Course on Biologic use, Procedures in Small Bowel, Terminal Ileal Disease

VIDEO: Novel DNA Markers Accurately Detect Pancreatic Cancer Across all Stages

Trend Watch

FDA Issues Safety Alert on Fecal Transplants After Patient Dies

Stopping NASH in its Tracks: Lifestyle Intervention Key from Day 1

Commentary: FMT Safety Alert 'Brought to Light many Questions'

ASGE Names New President

New Association 'Overdue' to Support Health Care Providers on Social Media