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Addiction therapy for those with alcoholic hepatitis improves survival

June 29, 2017

Complete abstinence of alcohol consumption after an episode of alcoholic hepatitis improved long-term survival, according to data from a recently published study. The researchers advise that early initiation of addiction counseling may therefore also improve survival by avoiding recidivism.

“The risks of resuming alcohol use should not be understated,” the researchers wrote. “In one study, a significant portion of patients with recidivism developed a subsequent episode of [alcoholic hepatitis] that was more severe than the index episode with [approximately] 60% mortality. Identification of patients with high risk of recidivism is relevant because it can be used to select patients for salvage transplantation and to identify those patients needing more intense alcohol therapy.”

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Genetics outweigh abstinence in alcoholic hepatitis survival

June 20, 2017
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Moderate, advanced fibrosis linked with risk for congestive heart failure

June 8, 2017
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