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Most dietary supplements mislabeled, may cause liver injury

October 22, 2017

WASHINGTON — Mislabeling or omission of ingredients occurs frequently in herbal and dietary supplements, especially among bodybuilding and weight loss products, according to a presentation at The Liver Meeting 2017.

“We have found that the dietary supplements are a common cause of liver injury,” Victor J. Navarro, MD, from the department of transplantation at the Einstein Healthcare Network, Philadelphia, said in his presentation. “In looking at those cases, we find that there are a lot of products that are difficult to identify exactly what they are and what they’re used for. There has been a lot of literature that tells us that dietary supplements in the market can be mislabeled and can be adulterated.”

Meeting News

Healio to provide live coverage of The Liver Meeting 2017

October 21, 2017
WASHINGTON — Beginning Friday, October 20, Healio Gastroenterology and Liver Disease will provide live coverage from the The Liver Meeting 2017. Held from Oct. 20…
FDA News

FDA: Patients receiving incorrect Ocaliva dosage, reports of liver injury

September 21, 2017
The FDA released a report today that Ocaliva has been incorrectly prescribed to some patients with moderate to severe liver impairment and may be tied to cases of liver…
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NIH awards $4 million to research environmental connection to liver disease

September 18, 2017
A researcher at the University of Louisville has received $4.01 million grant distributed over eight years by the NIH’s National Institute of Environmental Health…
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