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Study: Syphilis is three times more common in patients with ESKD

October 17, 2019
Compared with the general population, researchers found that the incidence of syphilis was more than 3 times greater in patients with ESKD…

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HCV cure improves survival in post-DAA liver cancer development

October 16, 2019
Patients who developed hepatitis C-related hepatocellular carcinoma after achieving sustained virologic response with interferon-free direct-acting…

Meeting News

NASPGHAN 2019 chronic liver disease symposium provides update for GIs

October 16, 2019
CHICAGO — During this year’s North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition annual meeting, Mercedes

At Issue

Should all pregnant women in the US be screened for hepatitis C?

Infectious Diseases in Children, October 2019
In August, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force issued a draft recommendation that encourages clinicians to screen all adults aged 18 to 79 years

Cover Story

DAAs change treatment landscape for children with HCV

Infectious Diseases in Children, October 2019
From 2013 through 2016, an estimated 2.4 million adults in the United States had a current hepatitis C virus infection. A study published in The

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HIV/HCV vs. HCV monoinfection present similar liver cancer rates

October 15, 2019
In contrast to previous study results, hepatocellular carcinoma and decompensated cirrhosis rates were similar between patients coinfected with…

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Combined HCV, opioid use disorder increasing among pregnant women

October 11, 2019
The rates of hepatitis C infection at delivery among pregnant women in the U.S. increased between 2000 and 2015, especially among women with…

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Integrated HCV care in HIV centers reaches more PWID than usual care

October 10, 2019
Results from a real-world study of implementing hepatitis C testing into integrated care centers that deliver HIV services to people who inject drugs…

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HCV vaccine regimen fails to prevent chronic infections

October 5, 2019
WASHINGTON — An investigational vaccine failed to prevent chronic hepatitis C virus infection in a cohort of at-risk adults, according to…

HCV update: 6 latest reports on the road to elimination

October 4, 2019
With several highly effective, curative direct-acting antiviral options for patients with hepatitis C, the focus has changed from management of the…

FDA News

FDA expands Mavyret approval for adults, children with any HCV genotype

September 27, 2019
The FDA has expanded the approval of Mavyret for a treatment duration of 8 weeks to include treatment-naive adults and children aged 12 years and…

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PWID similarly treatable for HCV as non-PWID

September 27, 2019
Treatment outcomes for chronic hepatitis C virus infection in people who inject drugs, or PWID, and patients on opioid substitution therapy are…


Q&A: Guideline updates for HCV infection in patients with chronic kidney disease

September 24, 2019
The introduction and success of direct-acting antivirals drove the Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes work group to make major updates to its…

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Several significant cholangiocarcinoma risk factors identified

September 18, 2019
Results from a systematic review and meta-analysis revealed 13 risk factors for intrahepatic and extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, the most…

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HCV-viremic kidneys provide similar efficacy in recipients as uninfected organs

September 12, 2019
By 2019, hepatitis C-seronegative patients who underwent kidney transplantation mostly received HCV-viremic donor organs, which demonstrated the same…

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Resistance-guided HCV retreatment achieves nearly 90% SVR

September 7, 2019
Resistance-guided direct-acting antiviral retreatment resulted in nearly 90% sustained virologic response rates among patients with hepatitis C who…

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Elevated fatty liver index in HCV/HIV coinfection predicts mortality risk

September 5, 2019
Researchers discovered that an elevated fatty liver index was an independent risk factor for all-cause mortality in patients coinfected with…

FDA approves label changes for Sovaldi, Harvoni in children with HCV

September 5, 2019
The FDA approved changes to the labeling of direct-acting antivirals Sovaldi and Harvoni to include information on dosage and administration in…

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FDA warns about rare instances of liver injury, failure with HCV therapies

August 28, 2019
The FDA has received reports that the use of Mavyret, Zepatier or Vosevi to treat chronic hepatitis C in patients with moderate to severe liver…


USPSTF recommends screening all adults for HCV

August 27, 2019
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has issued a draft recommendation that encourages clinicians to screen all adults aged 18 to 79 years for…