Hepatitis C

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Novel ‘genotype 8’ surfaces among four patients with HCV

July 17, 2018

Point-of-Care HCV Assays: A Turning Point for Decentralized Diagnosis

HCV Next, July/August 2018
Novel point-of-care hepatitis C tests have advanced the potential for same-day viral diagnosis, which could significantly contribute to global elimination efforts by…
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Physicians Diagnosing,Treating HCV Define New Role in Opioid Crisis

HCV Next, July/August 2018
The opioid epidemic in the United States has affected millions, exposing them to health risks that include a range of infectious diseases. HHS estimates that in 2016…
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HCV vaccine could reduce transmission in people who inject drugs

July 12, 2018
A vaccine that would provide incomplete immunity against hepatitis C virus could still reduce the spread of the virus among drug users sharing syringes, according to…
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