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Telemedicine offers access to state-of-the-art cancer care in rural areas

November 22, 2017

NEW YORK — Every patient with cancer does not live in a major metropolitan area with direct access to specialized care, but there are ways to provide individuals access to necessary state-of-the-art care and clinical trials regardless of where they live, according to a speaker at Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium.

“We all are in a perfect storm,” Laurence J. Heifetz, MD, FACP, medical director of Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center, said during his presentation. “We have a rapidly increasing population in the Medicare age group, as well as an exponential knowledge base growth, with unpronounceable ‘nibs’, ‘mibs’, ‘mabs’ and ‘zumabs’ and new guidelines coming out every 3 months. And we have a legacy medical education culture, where the doctors are supposed to know everything, keep up with journals [and go] to meetings.

Your Cancer Game Plan helps patients proactively address communication, emotional needs

HemOnc Today, November 25, 2017
Your Cancer Game Plan is designed to help individuals with cancer and their families address their communication, emotional and nutritional needs. The awareness campaign…
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Seven oncology agents receive priority review

HemOnc Today, November 25, 2017
The FDA has granted priority review to seven oncology agents under investigation for the treatment of patients with solid tumors. These include:
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Radiotherapy shows potential role in treatment of nodular lymphocytic Hodgkin lymphoma

HemOnc Today, November 25, 2017
Radiotherapy prolonged OS among patients with all stages of nodular lymphocytic Hodgkin lymphoma, including those with B-symptoms, according to study results. However…

The Lancet Oncology Commission establishes ‘practical, achievable’ cancer research priorities

HemOnc Today, November 25, 2017
Derek Raghavan, MD, PhD
Earlier this month, The Lancet Oncology published a rather unusual document titled “Future cancer research priorities in the USA: A Lancet Oncology
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Expert Update: What's New in Essential Thrombocythemia

This activity is supported by an educational grant from Incyte Corporation.

Appropriate early diagnosis and initiation of therapy is essential in the management of myeloproliferative neoplasms…
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Baseball Hall of Famer: Physician’s confidence affects patients

September 26, 2017
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Breakthroughs in the Treatment of Bladder Cancer

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Assessment of immune checkpoint blockade inhibitors in the treatment of bladder cancer have demonstrated significant…
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