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VIDEO: Novel combinations can capitalize on immunogenicity of head and neck cancer

April 24, 2019
NEW YORK — Nabil F. Saba, MD, FACP, professor of hematology/medical oncology and otolaryngology and director of the head and neck oncology…
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VIDEO: ‘Huge effort’ underway to identify biomarkers in urothelial cancer

April 22, 2019
NEW YORK — Petros Grivas, MD, PhD, medical oncologist and clinical director of the genitourinary cancers program at University of Washington…

‘We have to cure’ cancer, says CAR T pioneer Carl H. June, MD

April 18, 2019
Carl H. June , MD, is about to receive an award for his life’s work — it's not his first and it certainly won’t…

Phase 3 trial assesses intraoperative radiotherapy for glioblastoma

April 17, 2019
An international randomized phase 3 trial is underway to evaluate the efficacy of intraoperative radiotherapy for patients with glioblastoma…
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Rapidly expanding treatment options improving survival in acute myeloid leukemia

April 17, 2019
ORLANDO — Treatment options in acute myeloid leukemia are changing rapidly and improving OS of young and elderly patients, according to a…

Trial to assess novel targeted therapy for rare form of kidney cancer

April 15, 2019
A preclinical study that yielded new insights into a rare pediatric malignancy laid the foundation for a phase 2 trial that is evaluating a novel…

Phase 0 trials ‘quickest route’ for development of glioblastoma treatments

April 10, 2019
Ivy Brain Tumor Center at The Barrow Neurological Institute has launched a program that offers phase 0 trials to accelerate the drug approval process…
Molecular Oncology

Treatment response in AML: Understanding available molecular diagnostic data

HemOnc Today, April 10, 2019
David F. Claxton, MD; Megan Wheelden, MD
“Doctor, am I in remission?” The honest current answer is often: “It depends what you mean by remission.”

Immunotherapy for head and neck cancer an evolving paradigm

HemOnc Today, April 10, 2019
Charu Aggarwal, MD, MPH
The availability and approval of checkpoint inhibitors has transformed the management of metastatic head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. In 2016…

Is ibrutinib-based therapy the preferred initial treatment for all patients with CLL?

HemOnc Today, April 10, 2019
POINT CLL is the most common leukemia among adults. Standard treatment is combination chemoimmunotherapy with regimens such as chlorambucil plus…