Cemiplimab represents potential ‘practice-changing’ advance for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

October 24, 2018
Nearly half of patients with locally advanced and metastatic cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma responded to treatment with cemiplimab-rwlc, according…

Collaborative aims to accelerate immunotherapy development for pediatric cancers

October 12, 2018
Experts from several health systems have launched CureWorks, a collaborative effort to accelerate the development of immunotherapies for children…

Hispanic children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at higher risk for neurotoxicity

October 11, 2018
Hispanic children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia appeared more likely than non-Hispanic patients to develop neurotoxicity during methotrexate…

Patient age influences response to immunotherapy for melanoma

October 5, 2018
Age should be a consideration when predicting response to immunotherapy for melanoma, according to study results published in Clinical Cancer

Erectile dysfunction medication, flu vaccine combination may reduce postoperative metastasis

October 5, 2018
The combination of a common erectile dysfunction treatment and the influenza vaccine could reduce postoperative metastasis among patients with…

Trial to assess CAR T-cell therapy for relapsed, refractory solid tumors

September 24, 2018
A trial underway at Seattle Children’s Hospital will evaluate chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy for children and young adults with…

UCLA researchers receive grant to study combination therapy for lung cancer

September 18, 2018
Researchers at UCLA received $12 million to conduct a study of pembrolizumab in combination with patients’ genetically modified immune cells…

Neoadjuvant PARP inhibitor yields ‘profound results’ in BRCA-positive breast cancer

September 17, 2018
More than half of a small cohort of women with early-stage, BRCA-positive breast cancer who received talazoparib once daily before surgery exhibited…

Daily aspirin may reduce ovarian cancer risk, extend survival

September 13, 2018
The use of aspirin daily may reduce ovarian cancer risk as well as improve survival after diagnosis, according to two separate studies. …

Autologous HSCT underused despite survival benefits for newly diagnosed multiple myeloma

September 10, 2018
Autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplant extends survival for individuals with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma but is used infrequently for…